The Complete Eddy Effect Guide: How to Identify, Measure & Resolve Breakdowns Within Your Customer Journey

The Eddy Effect occurs when a customer gets stuck in their customer journey. This phenomenon impacts 33% of healthcare customers, making it a tremendous and costly problem. Yet, most healthcare organizations today are not actively addressing the Eddies in their customer journey. Download the Eddy Effect Guide to learn more about identifying and measuring these breakdowns in the customer journey.

In the Eddy Effect Guide you’ll learn:

  • What the Eddy Effect is and how much money it’s costing you
  • How to identify Eddies within your own organization
  • How to measure and monitor the Eddy Effect
  • How to stop this avoidable drain on corporate resources and prevent this unnecessary pain for your customers

About Authenticx

Authenticx was founded to analyze and activate customer interaction data at scale. Why? We wanted to reveal transformational opportunities in healthcare. We are on a mission to help humans understand humans. With a combined 100+ years of leadership experience in pharma, payer, and healthcare organizations, we know first-hand the challenges and opportunities that our clients face because we’ve been in your shoes.

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