How to Resolve Eddies

Now that you’ve identified, measured, and prioritized the Eddies impacting your business, it’s time to take action.

Since each Eddy is unique, there is no magic formula for resolving Eddies. (We wish it were that easy!) But the following framework has been proven to help guide organizations towards Eddy resolution: 

Assemble a Team

Chances are, the Eddy you’re trying to fix reaches beyond the walls of your department. Make a list of everyone who is critical to solving the problem and assemble an Eddy team.

Share Your Insights

Go beyond a quick summary of the problem. Put together a montage of actual customer voices describing the Eddy and play these clips for the entire team.

Set a Realistic Goal

You may not be able to completely eliminate an Eddy in one pass but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a measurable impact. Work with your Eddy team to decide on a realistic starting point. Once you’ve gained traction you can expand the scope of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Use Customer Voices to Guide Your Plan

Remember – nothing replaces listening. Continue to listen to what customers are saying about the problem and use their words and tone to point the way forward.

Track Results Over Time

Quantify and track your Eddy rates over time to ensure your actions are having the intended outcomes.

See how real healthcare leaders are using this framework to tackle Eddies in their organizations:

Eddy Effect Guide | How to Identify, Measure & Resolve Breakdowns Within Your Customer Journey

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