How to Measure the Impact of the Eddy Effect

Now that you know what the Eddy Effect is, why it matters, and how to identify it, the next step is measuring the impact of the Eddy Effect.

To do this, you’ll want to know whether or not the customer conversations you listened to were unique situations or representative of a larger Eddy Effect problem.

Compile your notes from the calls you listen to and look for common themes across the Eddies you’ve identified. You’ll be surprised by the rich clues that emerge from these conversations and the numerous opportunities to make actionable and meaningful change based on the conversational content.

Then use the Eddy Effect Calculator to determine how much the Eddy Effect is costing your organization and the potential savings associated with resolving even a fraction of your Eddies.

With an understanding of the Eddies your customers are experiencing and the financial impact of the Eddy Effect on your business, it’s time to prioritize where to start.

In order to decide which Eddy to tackle first, it’s important to understand their individual impact. You can use this scorecard to help you measure the severity of each Eddy. Here’s an example:

Start with the Eddies with the highest total score – they represent the largest threat to your business.

But keep in mind, new Eddies are emerging all of the time so you can never stop identifying and measuring Eddies. That’s why nothing replaces listening.

Eddy Effect Guide | How to Identify, Measure & Resolve Breakdowns Within Your Customer Journey

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