Webinar Recap | Exploring and Activating Generative AI Data

In June of 2024, Authenticx presented Exploring and Activating Generative AI DataWatch the webinar on-demand here.

“By 2026, more than 80% of enterprises will have used GenAI.” — Gartner

Generative AI (GenAI) is no longer an emerging trend. It is quickly becoming vital to successful business, and the healthcare industry is catching on. Leaders are leveraging generative AI data to add context to customer conversations and uncover actionable insights—but as companies race to incorporate generative AI into their business strategies, they need to understand how to use this tool effectively and responsibly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Generative AI is a powerful tool that creates new ways to interact with your data.
  • Authenticx offers Generative AI models developed and trained specifically for healthcare.
  • Generative AI data can significantly reduce the time it takes to get insights from massive amounts of unstructured information—like conversations!

Structuring Healthcare Data with Generative AI

We listened in as Authenticx CPO Eric Prugh and Head of Product Marketing Clare Maher discussed how generative AI is changing healthcare, enabling leaders to drive patient and agent outcomes by organizing, contextualizing, and activating unstructured customer data.

During this webinar, we explored:

  • The evolution, benefits, and challenges of generative AI data
  • Authenticx’s new generative AI features and how they can help you organically identify customer journey breakdowns
  • How our platform enables you to quickly identify emerging trends or issues so you can focus on the most important strategies for your business

What is Generative AI data?

Clare introduced generative AI as a tool that uses models trained on existing data to create new content like text, images, music, and art. Before the release of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence (AI) felt vague and intangible. However, with the launch of ChatGPT, AI was slightly demystified, offering users a new way to interact with vast amounts of information and quickly answer specific questions.

Pros and Cons of Generative AI in Healthcare

In healthcare, there is no shortage of unstructured data or information—the challenge is turning that data into accurate and digestible insights that can be translated into action.

With the right applications, generative AI can provide unlimited usefulness across your organization by processing overwhelming amounts of data and distilling it into relevant information you can understand and act on. GenAI can handle nuanced tasks and questions, summarize complex information, process bi-directional data, and be trained on human conversations.

Although generative AI can offer valuable context to your data, it may not be appropriate for all applications. These models are expensive to run at scale, can produce more unstructured data for you to sift through, and are often not specialized, making them difficult to calibrate and rely on responsibly.

How can multiple AI models enhance human analysis?

Clare explained the importance of using a combination of different AI models: layering in multiple healthcare-specific AI models, along with human analysis, results in the most precise, contextual, and actionable insights from your thousands of customer conversations.

Generative AI data can significantly reduce the time spent sifting through and analyzing reports by aggregating key insights and trends across all data sources. This allows you to focus on proactively addressing emerging issues within your patient experience or untapped market opportunities.

Exploring the Authenticx platform with Signals

Diving deeper, Eric highlighted several new features to the Authenticx platform, designed to provide more insights in less time and improve the user experience while maintaining security:

  • Authenticx GenAI Topics and Trends enables you to organically identify friction points that are affecting your customer’s experience
  • Analyze how contact type relates to emerging trends, so you can focus your resources and time on the right areas
  • Quickly and efficiently spot emerging quality issues that require your attention and prevent them from becoming larger issues

Poll Questions and Results

Throughout the webinar, attendees responded to several live poles. After each question, Eric and Clare discussed the results and what they mean for generative AI data in healthcare organizations.

Authenticx Webinar Poll: Has your organization deployed GenAI elsehwere in the company?
Authenticx Webinar Poll: Do you trust answers being given by AI like ChatGPT?

Additionally, webinar attendees shared that they hope to use generative AI to gain better reporting insights to better understand their customers and program optimizations.

Watch the full webinar recording here.

Resource: The Authenticx AI Solution for Healthcare


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