Leveraging Conversations in Call Center Vendor Training

A life sciences company was transitioning to a different call center vendor and was seeking a way to make the experience as seamless as possible for both agents and customers. Leaders were seeking clarity on where to focus training effort for their new hub vendor agents for a specific medication brand line.   

Authenticx in Action  

Authenticx helped measure and monitor customer perception by identifying brand values and detractors. By listening and sampling conversations, insights uncovered areas of agent miscommunication that was leading to customer confusion and frustration – ultimately impacting patient adherence

Identified brand values included: 

  • High impact on well-being 
  • Importance of medication in care plan 

Identified brand detractors included: 

  • Prohibitively expensive cost 
  • Confusion and frustration on obtaining financial assistance 

Despite clear perceptions of the high-value impact of this medication on well-being, customers were delaying their access to care due to concerns about the cost and perceptions about the effort to afford it. 

Additionally, as part of the vendor transition, Authenticx conducted a YoY comparison analysis to assess what values were being maintained or lost in the vendor transfer to assess where to focus knowledge training.  


Authenticx used Montage Builder™ to highlight brand values and detractors as training examples. A dozen different patient journeys were curated as real scenarios to help identify and coach on common barriers, questions, and circumstances agents may find themselves navigating.  Since switching vendors, quality scores have been the highest since monitoring began. From a data-perspective this was something watched closely to mitigate the risk of long-term care coordinator relationships changing.

From these insights the organization was able to:  

  • Implement a smooth vendor transition  
  • Reassess approval process for medication access 
  • Identify topics of miscommunication to bolster agent knowledge and confidence
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