Identify Trends with High Volume Data Processing

A travel insurance company wanted to better understand if they had a problem with emails being backlogged, and if so, what solutions might improve sending and receiving member information.  

Authenticx in Action  

Authenticx conducted a ‘top of funnel’ search consisting of 6500 interactions with Speech Analyticx™, leveraging rule-based classifiers (RBCs) to identify conversations that mention ‘backlog,’ ‘late,’ or ‘delayed.’ 

The good news was that Speech Analyticx™ found a low prevalence (only 1%) of conversations mentioning a delay due to backlog. However, the human analysis revealed that agent explanation of backlogs to members varied widely and at times was negative. 

Additionally, of the identified ‘backlog’ conversations, 16% mentioned email and 6% mentioned cancellations, showing opportunities for the company to provide online cancelation services. Insights highlights that members were getting stuck online.  


This case highlighted a need for the company to add to their website additional information and direction on cancelling a policy. The insights revealed that the organization was incurring additional costs from members needing to call in for these instructions.  

From these insights the organization was able to take action on the following:   

  • Enhance the website to make cancelation steps clear and easy to find 
  • Consider an automated response that gives assurance of receipt after form or documents are submitted 
  • Update agent talk tracks on how to discuss backlogs or delayed communication 
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