The Immense Power of Listening to the Voice of the Customer

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A global life sciences company was preparing for a new product launch. The marketing team wanted to understand how customers were discussing and talking about the product to develop more effective messaging to better address frustrations or places of friction (We call this the Eddy Effect).   

Authenticx in Action 

Authenticx listened to the voice of the customer by evaluating a sample of calls to identify recurring topics of discussion. Our team shared the following insights on common themes that emerged:  

  • Frustration: Customers expressed frustration trying to navigate costs and coverage related to this new product with limited information provided by the agent 
  • Cost: Concerns about costs, assistance programs, and insurance coverage emerged around the product. Particularly, concerns about costs were related to the complexity of how customer benefits would or would not be covered and understanding the options available.  
  • Access: Insights surfaced issues with customers having difficulty locating where they would be able to access the product. 
  • The Eddy Effect: 33% of sampled calls demonstrated some kind of Eddy or disruption of the customer journey (read more about the Eddy Effect here).  


The marketing team was able to take these findings to change current messaging and call scripts, particularly around product costs. They recognized more specific, personalized information was needed for customers and worked to provide something in writing that helped provide more clarity around statement of benefits and ranges in pricing to highlight the different ways to access the product.  

Additionally, from our analysis the team was able to implement a digital locator tool to help customers easily find access to the product. The implementation of this tool led to a clear decrease in questions about accessibility.  

Authenticx in Action | On-Demand Video

See Authenticx in Action

Learn more about how Authenticx analyzes customer conversations to surface recurring trends in this two-minute video.

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