MyCustomer | Complexity is Crushing Healthcare Customer Experience

Authenticx Chief Customer Officer Leslie Pagel recently contributed a byline to MyCustomer

Leslie Pagel, CCO of Authenticx, unpacks precisely why the patient experience is such a mess and how leaders can begin to tidy it up – touching on areas including the Eddy Effect, coversational intelligence, and how to combat healthcare complexity.

The business of healthcare is killing people. Let’s face it – if you stopped people on the street and asked them to describe today’s healthcare system, how many would say it’s ‘complicated’. ‘dysfunctional’, or ‘broken’?

Patients become bogged down in their journeys when seeking answers for their questions in healthcare customer experience. They become trapped in a loop, bouncing from department to department, which only exacerbates their frustration. Many give up and never get the help they need. In short, all too often, the patient experience is a mess.

Digital innovation has begun to play an ever-increasing role in improving the patient experience, but sometimes it complicates tasks needlessly. New phone systems add barriers, for example, to requesting a prescription refill. Scheduling an appointment requires navigating multiple web pages. To improve healthcare customer experiences by building more processes, some healthcare organisations have inadvertently created additional disruptions in the customer journey.


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