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2022 was a year of impactful change across healthcare. The industry continues to adapt and innovate with new processes, tools, and technologies — alongside a renewed focus on adopting a customer-centric approach. Customer-centricity means understanding how customers are being helped (or where they’re getting stuck), listening to understand what is needed, then designing a solution that works to meet those needs. It’s both a mindset shift and a reminder that customer experience is about connecting with your customers. We are seeing this as organizations invest in conversational intelligence to directly connect with the voice of their customers and identify where customers are getting stuck and opportunities for improved quality management.

Artificial intelligence is a term being tossed around as organizations assess how to best manage the vast amounts of data being collected. This year was no exception. And organizations want to understand what AI is and how AI is changing healthcare. Digital transformation is linked with the pursuit of customer-centricity and offering automated, frictionless experiences for customers. However, it’s important to keep in mind that AI is a collaborative tool that requires human insight and support to enact meaningful change.

As 2022 comes to a close, we take a moment to look back on our popular healthcare resources and topics that resonated most with readers. Our most popular content reiterated how healthcare organizations are re-thinking what it means to have a ‘customer-centric’ approach by unlocking what it means to truly listen at scale.

Check out Authenticx’s most popular healthcare resources that resonated with readers this year:

1. Importance of Customer Experience in Healthcare

In healthcare there’s a huge opportunity to better understand where customers and patients are getting stuck and confused in order to fix the root cause of these frustrations. Read the article.

Eddy Effect | Importance of Customer Experience
customer voices in healthcare report

2. The Eddy Effect™: Solve Disruptions in the Customer Journey

This report identifies key themes directly from the voice of the customer and shares impactful opportunities to strategically improve service and care across healthcare. Download the Customer Voices Report.

3. Best Practices to Improving Sentiment Analysis Scores in Your Call Center

By listening to conversations and understanding the tone and emotions being conveyed, call center leaders gain valuable context in monitoring performance and ensuring quality assurance. Read the article.

3 Best Practices to Improving Sentiment Analysis Scores in Your Call Center | Authenticx
Customer Listening Playbook | Authenticx

4. Customer Listening Playbook

Understanding and addressing customer needs starts with listening at scale. Use this 7-step playbook to set strategic and actionable goals to connect with your customers and drive meaningful change in your organization. Download the Playbook.

5. The Immense Power of Listening to the Voice of the Customer

A life sciences company was preparing for a new product launch. The marketing team wanted to understand how customers were talking about the product to develop more effective messaging to better address places of friction. View the case study.

Voice of the Customer | Authenticx

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