CXM | The End of Traditional Customer Surveys: What’s Coming Next?

Authenticx Founder & CEO Amy Brown recently contributed a byline to Customer Experience Magazine (CXM)

Even before the pandemic, increased demand for personalised customer experiences had companies feeling pressured to meet customers’ expectations. They were scrambling to define and deliver exceptional CX. Leaders continue to strategise and anticipate evolving customer expectations to elevate the future of CX.

But how will it look in 2023?

Out with surveys. In with conversational intelligence

About 90% of consumers consider CX when determining whether to do business — and establish or continue a relationship — with a brand. While customer surveys can measure satisfaction and surface customer feedback, these go-to tools have disadvantages.

Customer surveys have inherent flaws – including participant fatigue or personal bias. Personal biases come from a participant’s culture, education and beliefs. Non-personal biases arise when people don’t understand the questions – this comes with industry jargon or responses misaligned with the target audience. Healthcare organisations, for example, may find themselves battling survey fatigue. This is especially for customers receiving repeat surveys leading them to offer half-hearted responses (or ignore them altogether). 

Providing effective questions and multiple-choice answers that don’t “lead the witness” is difficult. Too often surveys become self-serving to the organisations soliciting the feedback. Rather than generating useful data, many of these surveys do little beyond generating vanity metrics.

Next year, expect more organisations to redirect their funding from surveys into conversational intelligence. That is, software using AI for analysing speech to gather data-driven insights. Unsolicited feedback shared via customers’ own words helps companies understand pain points and roadblocks interfering with the delivery of robust CX.


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