Authenticx for Pharma Leaders

How are you currently addressing patient service bottlenecks?

Ensure patients and providers are able to access critically important information so they can follow the prescribed treatment plan.


Moving from a Transactional to Patient-centric Customer Experience

A pharmaceutical company wanted to evolve their customer journey to a more patient-centric approach. In order to make strategic changes, leadership needed to understand what the current customer journey looked like.

Authenticx Customer Story | Moving from a Transactional to Patient-centric Customer Experience

Gain oversight of Hub performance to ensure increased patient accessibility and adherence.

Patient Access

Understand what is preventing your customers from acquiring the medications needed, so your organization can streamline processes and make medications more accessible

Quality Assurance

Have visibility into how your hub interactions handle PHI, adverse events, and other issues of compliance to help strategic scaling and outsourcing.

Voice of the Customer | Authenticx


Customer Voices Provide a Wealth of Valuable Insights

A large pharmaceutical company was launching a new product. Prior to launch, the marketing team spent time identifying how and what the customers were saying about the product to develop more effective messaging.

Transforming Healthcare Customer Experience | Forbes

Authenticx was Created to Transform Healthcare

Authenticx helps healthcare organizations analyze and activate customer interaction data at scale.

Tackle obstacles that are ruining customer experience

The Eddy Effect™ Dashboard combats the complexity of healthcare with actionable feedback and insights in a single performance analytics dashboard. Track impactful metrics across the organization to eliminate waste and improve customer outcomes.

Eddy Effect Dashboard | Authenticx Feature
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