Customer Voices | Calling for a Communicative Industry

“Why aren’t they just listening to me?” 

“I haven’t… 

  • Sat in this office 
  • Stood in this line 
  • Drove miles to get here 
  • Been on hold for three hours 
  • Downloaded this app 

…for nothing.” 

It is never a coincidence when what is being said is understood by any customer – no matter the demographic. Healthcare leaders must be calculated when making decisions that impact the experience (and lives) of their customers. One misstep can cast a dim light on any one of the healthcare verticals – life sciences (pharma), providers, and payers. Healthcare has gradually moved to building (and trusting) a loyal base in a highly competitive market with breakthroughs and breakdowns made each day.

But it hasn’t always been that way.

As detailed in a PBS article, there have been pioneering businesses – giants – in healthcare. And often, once these companies created the market, they maintained it. Many people trusted whom they trusted because they were told to call, listen to, and schedule with them. The customer was often a customer because they needed a specific product, the coverage cost aligned with available means, were closest to a particular doctor, or the plans had digital options. As more services and products were introduced into a sprawling economy that created customer choice, customers began to have power with numerous options surrounding them and their unique preferences.

Things had to change. Or at least begin to change.

Unblur the Lines of Multigenerational Communication

To dig below traditional communication in the healthcare customer journey, you must utilize and focus in on the web that weaves all of us together – craft your services, then allow customers to individually connect how organizations can impact their healthcare experience that leads to the intended comprehension across generations.

Have you ever heard “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Of course; we all have heard it from teachers, mentors, parents, and bosses. Similar to how healthcare has adapted its own communications to better improve the customer journey, we offer an alternative:

If it ain’t broke…innovate it.

Don’t Just Break or Fix It

Healthcare communications remain complex. Reaching an agent, waiting for a response, or simply searching for help has ballooned to confusion for all generations. We have use cases that prove how obstacles and disruptions in customer experience can negatively affect an organization (and how minimizing them shows a positive impact). If you fix an issue, you are halting the potential increase in your customer base (the younger generation craves innovation) and maintaining a stagnant customer headcount. When you wait 10 to 20 years, suddenly your company, medicine, or product is no longer efficient or competitive. Then how can you stay present in the experience while consistently innovating?

The commitment to customer-centricity is the pulse that keeps a journey (and relationship) on track to an achievable metric of success for multigenerational communications. Rather than checking off a list, develop trust in healthcare relationships by encouraging conversations that better connect and listen to customers that enable change. Healthcare is complex because it constantly evolves – but it should never be complicated for customers to:

  1. Understand
  2. Navigate
  3. Learn more
  4. Seek help
  5. Appreciate

The most successful customer strategies are aware of older and younger generations while looking toward future generations to better acclimate to their preferences as they age. To understand incoming generational values, organizations can begin by studying emerging technologies while respecting how past generations overlapped. Ages change, but personal values change less. Do not bury the authentic voice of the customer by failing to rely on existing conversational data.

Customer Voices Report | Customer Centricity in Healthcare

Download the Report

Download the Customer Voices in Healthcare Report: The Rise of Customer Centricity Across Healthcare.

Innovate It with Generational Unity (B2Bs for Cs)

Products like Authenticx bring the healthcare industry the X-factor in CX. Built to aggregate, analyze, and activate healthcare companies and organizations through artificial intelligence with robust machine-learning capabilities and human listening, the available conversational data gives real customer insights, both qualitatively and quantitatively, to the client to act.

As businesses adapt alongside each other and their customers, the relationship that exists between clients and customers alike must be a joint venture. In essence, each involved organization, vendor, pharmacy, hospital, etc. must be for the customer. This is how measurable customer-centricity can be created through authenticity that grows together without producing a gap (broken communication between clients is miscommunication for customers) that restarts the process or stalls efforts to trust at levels of communication.

How do you create efficient customer-centricity?

Multigenerational communication efforts pay dividends in creating a customer-centric model. When the culture of any healthcare organization and company places the voice of the customer in the front seat of decision-making, the return on investment reflects the cost of inaction by elevating values of respect, innovation, flexibility, and authenticity. When we connect to our customers, listen to them, and enable them to share ideas and feelings, the industry grows as a trusted sector in society. Multigenerational customer-centricity can be the anchor of unity for years to come – don’t wait to listen.


More About Multigenerational Healthcare Communication

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Continue to join us in our blog series about multigenerational communication that highlights younger and older generational expectations, how the healthcare industry has and is behaving to produce solutions, and a review of building a responsive customer experience. The final article will review what we’ve learned and shared along the way – get the takeaways and build a more customer-centric CX model with us.

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