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The heart of healthcare beats to the rhythm of customer-centricity. By approaching your CX model with a message that can connect with multiple generations of customers, the trust established between your business and their care closes the gap necessary to craft an insightful ear-to-ground journey. It is this communication that unravels disruptions in the customer experience (CX) that spotlights the core of storytelling: Listening.

And listening at scale is precisely what Authenticx offers: a platform built to aggregate and analyze conversations through conversational intelligence that encourages healthcare organizations and businesses to act for customers.

You’ve traveled alongside us in this series, so let’s review what we discussed, questioned, and brought to light. We invite you to take notes, comment below, and share with us your own ideas.

A Multigenerational Approach

All of us are impacted by healthcare, but it doesn’t always reach 100% of us. You must have the tools and communication in place to understand how customers could act and react in their journey.

  • Self-service and automated machines often create disruption in CX when they don’t work as expected or the line of communication fails to resolve confusion in the journey.
  • Shared values that cross generations can bring any healthcare communication more authenticity and trust.
  • By using generational preferences to craft a responsive, customer-centric experience built for both younger and older generations, the scope of impact will adapt to each individual voice – no matter the generational expectations.

Generating Communication

Studying why different groups/individuals prefer different types of communication can give insights to improve customer-centricity efforts. According to KMPG, customer values can build a codependent and simple multigenerational approach in healthcare communications.

  • Flexibility and adaptability are key to creating trust in the younger generation. They are driven by diverse options and the ability to impact as they speak to various factors of SDOH.
  • Reliability and trust steer the older generation. Although they expect human solutions to be in place, the value-add of a digital option should not be underestimated.
  • All humans can be brought to healthcare with a responsive three-tiered commitment of trust, authenticity, and customer empowerment.
Customer Voices Report | Customer Centricity in Healthcare

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Calling for a Communicative Industry

After the power to choose spreads within systems, customers began to raise comparative expectations. Healthcare leaders must make calculated CX decisions to create and nurture customers within an economic sector that relies on personalization. 

  • Communication must shift away from traditional means to produce a dynamic and innovative journey.
  • The cost of inaction reflects the potential return on investing in authentic communication. Customer-centricity can be measured by how gaps and disruptions innovate by listening to the voice of the customer.
  • The relationship between organizations and customers must be a partnership. The CX must be simple to understand, navigate, learn more, seek help, and appreciate your services.

The Evolving Journey

Our 3rd Customer Voices in Healthcare Report focused on customer-centricity. The quest to be patient, guest, or customer-centric is more than an industry buzzword or selling agent. The cost of models that lack customer-centricity plagues more than our partners in healthcare – it can mean a growth in human apathy, distrust, or loss of connection.

Building efforts around understanding your customer intrinsically – who they are, why they are, how they are – guides the hand of a customer experience that supports, adapts, and celebrates the customer throughout the journey. If you aren’t planning communications that pay attention to each generation, younger and older, developing an authentic relationship with them will cease to exist.

  • Create a space for unsolicited feedback, such as message boards, call centers, and service portals.
  • Utilize a system that collects actionable insights to swirl out of Eddies shared directly from the mouths of customers.
  • Develop simplified steps to uncomplicate disruptions that establish customers as the narrator of their own healthcare stories.

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More About Multigenerational Healthcare Communication

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Thank you for joining us in our blog series about multigenerational communication. We’ve introduced how multigenerational communication can help customer-centricity, highlighted younger and older generational expectations, shared how the healthcare industry has and is behaving to produce solutions, and reviewed how to build a responsive customer experience. Interested in learning more? Share your thoughts with us – we’d love to listen.

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