Automating Data Analysis in a Changing Economic Climate with Autoscoring

In a turbulent economic environment, there’s typically a doubling down on discussion regarding how to best drive a return on investment (ROI) from dollars invested to dollars saved. Healthcare is not excluded from this discussion as leaders seek opportunities to cut costs, while simultaneously balance the cost of taking no action.

Automation is an emerging option for organizations to consider with more integration of tools featuring RPA, machine learning, AI, and other innovative intelligence tools.

Why Automating Data Analysis Matters

Finding opportunities to automate is a critical component for managing the vast volume of incoming data being collected. Particularly for customer service, quality assurance, and operations teams, this data is recorded conversations, which are unstructured and nearly impossible to manually listen to at scale. There are very real resource constraints on utilizing time and staff. Many contact center leaders cite less than 3% of their calls are screened for quality assurance. That limitation is largely attributed to the time-consuming nature of manual testing. It’s a complicated, repetitive, and time-intensive process for teams to undertake. With limited data feedback (some organizations at <1%), that leaves flaws remaining in place or hidden.  

Investing in automation offers opportunities to evaluate more conversations and aggregate data insights from unstructured sources. Automation flips that percentage from 1% to 100%, enabling true data-driven decisions based on the literal voice of your customers.

3 Benefits Autoscoring Technology Brings to Healthcare

Automation, such as autoscoring, uses machine learning to sample and score customer interactions based on specified, pre-set criteria that enables listening at scale. This provides an opportunity to look at quantitative and qualitative insights to expose areas of improvement in: quality assurance, training and onboarding, contact center performance, vendor relationships, process workflows, compliance, and other processes to boost performance.

Consider the following benefits autoscoring can bring to your organization.

1. Evaluate and Score at Scale

Supplement human listening with automation to hit and exceed quality review targets for your organization since automation can work and evaluate simultaneously to handle higher volumes. Gain confidence in the insights coming from your listening program by scoring a more representative set of customer interactions. This identifies process barriers and improves performance over time as evaluations are scaled with consistent monitoring of aligned evaluation parameters. A key benefit of scaling evaluations with automated scoring provides more accurate insights, without depleting valuable resources. Automating data analysis is reusable and sustainable, which prompts greater coordination across the enterprise to more impactfully address enterprise-wide barriers and service quality.  

2. Save Time and Protect Capacity

Leverage machine learning to give capacity back to teams, so they can focus on optimizing performance, upholding compliance standards, and improving brand perception. Autoscoring offers faster validation by reviewing more data in less time. Implementing more effective testing drives smoother decision-making and reduces the need for manual testing. This integration of humans and machine creates capacity for teams to improve systems and service, rather than dedicating valuable time to analyzing feedback.    

3. Uncover Contextual Layers

Automation is an aid for teams to quickly tackle the right problems. With more feedback, there are enhanced insights that can focus initiatives and direct attention towards conversations and topics that need more context. That leads to more strategic decision-making with the flexibility to divert resources to dive deeper into areas of the business that need additional context. This brings benefits to boosting customer experience and satisfaction, but also a benefit for employees and staff. In uncovering reasons why certain patterns are emerging, there’s opportunity to listen for signs of burnout, pinpoint areas that lead to administrative burden, and identify barriers that are disrupting processes, providing leaders new ways to rethink how their organization can scale efficiently and effectively.

For the full benefit of automation, it’s critical to have the right mix of human and machine to solve and leverage the return on investment. There’s a level of interoperability that leverages automation to tap into a vast source of data, while teams assess how this data is impacting the business with greater visibility into reported metrics that ultimately help drive strategic decision-making. Particularly, in an uncertain economic environment, investing in team capacity will drive stronger ROI with an intentional focus on enhancing efficiencies without adding time. Autoscoring offers a powerful way for leaders to do just that.

Tell Me More About How Authenticx Works with Quality Leaders

Quality leaders need to feel confident in their quality scores. Particularly across healthcare, there’s a critical need to identify barriers so processes can be improved. Authenticx was founded to surface meaningful insights from unstructured data. We help leaders strategically invest to optimize their quality assurance metrics to improve customer experience and operational effectiveness.

Our platform provides automated evaluations that review audio and metadata obtained from IVR systems. With fully configurable options, Authenticx offers a healthcare-specific quality solution. 

Unsolicited Feedback Guide, Transform CX with Conversational Data | Authenticx

Transform CX with Conversational Data

This guide provides the ultimate source of informations about unsolicited feedback and how it can be leveraged to transform your customer experience strategy.

About Authenticx

Authenticx was founded to analyze and activate customer interaction data at scale. Why? We wanted to reveal transformational opportunities in healthcare. We are on a mission to help humans understand humans. With a combined 100+ years of leadership experience in pharma, payer, and healthcare organizations, we know first-hand the challenges and opportunities that our clients face because we’ve been in your shoes.

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