Improving the Customer Journey by Understanding Call Drivers

A travel insurance company wanted to better understand the call drivers of customers to discover how to resolve disruptions in service more. 

Authenticx in Action  

Authenticx analyzed call interactions over a 30-day timeframe using Speech Analyticx to identify the top call drivers of customers and if the Eddy Effect was present in any of the calls. Over the month’s interactions, Authenticx analysts noted conversations that exhibited a negative customer experience.

This analysis found that 16% contained disruption (what we call an Eddy), with 11% being repeat callers. Disruptions included missing claims and statements, booking agent quality, and insurance coverage. To further understand these detractors, we used Montage Builder and Smart Sample to aggregate insights into call drivers of each type of disruption:

  • Younger student populations struggled with filling out physical claim forms because of the lack of technology and the time it takes to complete them.
  • Agent sentiment scores remained largely in the neutral zone of average sentiment. Improvements were found if the agent personally connected to the caller and their unique issue.
  • Travel insurance restrictions confused customers traveling within and into the United States. When callers asked for a list of providers, they found the list contained errors in participating providers.


From these insights, the insurance provider was able to take action on the following:

  1. Create a user experience that was mobile-friendly for customers in the student population to make the time more manageable.
  2. Train agents to connect directly to the actual caller to improve sentiment scores and remain positive even if the shared information was negative.
  3. Refine the relationship between the provider network, health system, and providers to deliver accurate coverage and restrictions to customers looking to travel interstate and to the United States.
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