5 Ways Call Center Quality Leaders Can Shift from a Reactive to Proactive Approach

First-call resolution, average handle time, service level standards, call abandonment, sentiment, customer satisfaction…  

These are all common metrics used in contact centers to help leaders assess and monitor the performance of their teams and allocate necessary resources. Call center quality monitoring offers important insights across the enterprise from marketing to operations to compliance and customer experience

However, despite ongoing monitoring, it’s not uncommon for leaders to feel like they have a lack of visibility into how well their teams are performing and lack a strong grasp on what frontline employees encounter day to day.  

Anecdotally, field and call center agents may be reporting that callers seem more hostile and metrics are showing longer hold times and higher call volumes. But even knowing this, it’s hard for leaders to proactively drill down to understand the root cause of these data insights. Most of the time, focus remains on identified complaints and problems in a reactive approach.  

Why it’s Important to Scale QA Programs

To build a high-quality, customer-centric experience, leaders need insights on customer needs. Currently there’s a missed opportunity in utilizing data sources that already exist inside the contact center: analyzing recorded conversations that are being stored for quality assurance and compliance purposes. Leveraging conversational data insights offers context, clarity, and renews focus on why certain leading indicators are recurring. 

Tapping into this data source offers a way to assess richer conversations from customers, give greater visibility into reported quality metrics, and help drive strategic decision-making.  

This means shifting strategic focus away from a reactive (only responding to problems as they arise) toward a proactive (seeking to identify root causes of agent and customer disruption) response that ultimately helps reduce the common burdens facing contact centers and build a customer-centric experience.  

5 Ways to Build a Proactive, Quality-focused Approach with Authenticx

1. Establish Scorecard Benchmarks

A main driver in establishing high call center quality is consistency. Benchmark data establishes a scoring threshold that gives visibility into the current state of the program that helps improve the ‘bad,’ expand on the ‘good,’ and maintain consistent performance with both real-time and historical insights. Quality score benchmarks both quantify and qualify feedback that is configurable to specific business needs. Authenticx provides a weighted score system that allows teams to focus on KPIs that matter when assessing business goals in place.  

2. Draw Insights from Customer Conversations

Recorded call center conversations offer a wealth of insights that can be filled with complaints, ideas, and opportunities for improvement. To be truly customer-centric, leaders can learn to  anticipate customer needs by listening to them directly. Authenticx leverages machine learning to organize unstructured data with search capabilities, tagging, categorization, and compiling audio libraries for sharing.  

 3. Pinpoint Ways to Train Agents & Teams

Front line employees are often a customer’s first experience with the organization. Having a mechanism that offers visibility into individual agent quality scores provides coaching opportunities and pinpoints training needs. Authenticx helps platform users sample individual agent calls for an enhanced coaching process that promotes opportunities for managers to provide both constructive and complimentary feedback and notes.  

 4. Gain Visibility into Vendor Performance

Many healthcare organizations partner with vendors to help manage their call centers. Listening to recorded conversations can provide feedback to vendors to improve consistency and share insights on nuances specific to individual program needs. Authenticx offers a 3rd set of eyes that stands as a neutral party to assess and monitor quality scores to reaffirm quality assurance.  

 5. Leverage AI and Automation Tools

There is a lot of innovation happening regarding automation and AI implementation. Automation is a critical component in managing volume, as well as improving sampling. Many call center quality leaders typically sample less than 1% of total volume. There are very real resource constraints that limit teams, agents, and processes. Investing in AI and automations offers opportunities to evaluate more calls and aggregate data insights for a fuller picture on what’s happening. 

Unsolicited Feedback Guide, Transform CX with Conversational Data | Authenticx

Transform CX with Conversational Data

This guide provides the ultimate source of informations about unsolicited feedback and how it can be leveraged to transform your customer experience strategy.

Tell Me More About How Authenticx Works with Quality Leaders

Quality leaders need to feel confident in their quality scores. Particularly across healthcare, there’s a critical need to identify barriers so processes can be improved. Authenticx was founded to surface meaningful insights from unstructured data. We help leaders strategically invest to optimize their quality assurance metrics to improve customer experience and operational effectiveness.

Our platform provides automated evaluations that review audio and metadata obtained from IVR systems. With out-of-the-box or fully configurable options, our solution offers a healthcare-specific quality solution. 

Authenticx in Action | On-Demand Video

See Authenticx in Action

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Authenticx was founded to analyze and activate customer interaction data at scale. Why? We wanted to reveal transformational opportunities in healthcare. We are on a mission to help humans understand humans. With a combined 100+ years of leadership experience in pharma, payer, and healthcare organizations, we know first-hand the challenges and opportunities that our clients face because we’ve been in your shoes.

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