Using Competitive Insights to Improve Storytelling

A health maintenance organization (HMO) wanted to better understand caller perceptions of their brand to see how customers compared them with other organizations. 

Authenticx in Action 

Authenticx analyzed over 250 interactions in a 30-day period with Speech Analyticx to identify competing organization comparisons within customer calls. We found that 38% of the interactions mentioned competitors with which those callers are currently insured.

Authenticx then evaluated the top brand values and detractors to understand how these callers perceived their plan affordability and coverage. This provided insight into how agents communicated with callers which increased or decreased the overall feelings toward the organization’s plans and services.

Authenticx found that very few sales agents used storytelling techniques to improve the customer experience, while the healthcare organization’s employees had a more positive sentiment during interactions. This led the organization to trial training vendor agents with three types of storytelling methods that Authenticx then tracked:

  • Hypothetical stories
  • Real stories with marginal relevance
  • Real and vivid stories with high relevance


By training call center agents as direct health system employees, more real-time feedback can be given to the call center vendor to assist with coaching and changes. When the sales agents were coached to tell more vivid and relevant stories (especially if the stories related directly to the caller’s needs), the agents noted how their changes in communication made a difference to the sales and product for the organization.

This exemplifies how training and asking agents to do specific things while telling stories helps customers connect to the agent, which had a direct impact on sales for the organization.


Authenticx in Action | On-Demand Video

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