5 Ways Data Analysis in Healthcare is Changing

Methods of data analysis in healthcare are changing and evolving with the increased adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) tools to better understand and listen to all customer voices. Ingesting and analyzing more data helps identify needs in order to best inform strategic decision-making.  

This is seen with:  

  • Rule-based classifiers that enable search terms 
  • Automated evaluations that can assess conversations 
  • Opportunities to enhance professional development and coaching with real-time feedback 
  • Enhanced reporting and insights to add context and nuance to strategic interests 
  • Greater capabilities to sort and source positive and negative examples of communication  

Here at Authenticx, we firmly hold to the following five convictions about how our solution is changing the way data is being leveraged across healthcare. Our conversational intelligence platform makes it possible to aggregate and analyze existing customer interactions into a single source of insights. Our proprietary machine learning models were built specifically for healthcare and provide automated insights that help teams gain valuable context.  

5 Convictions on How Data Analysis in Healthcare is Changing

1. Conversational data insights will surpass survey-based data.

In the next 3-5 years, we anticipate conversational data will begin to replace the importance of survey-based data. There is an immense opportunity in leveraging unsolicited feedback that is captured in daily conversations between the organization and their customers. As tech innovation improves how we harness immense amounts of data, we will see a dramatic shift away from NPS, surveys, and other popular ways of gathering customer insights. Why? Because conversational data offers richer, more contextual, nuanced insight across different business functions. Plus, in many cases, it’s already being captured and stored within the organization.  

2. Opportunity exists in the interplay of qualitative and quantitative insights.

Qualitative and quantitative approaches seem to be opposites or dichotomies on the surface, but actually are integral to one another. It is a blend of both head and heart, machine and human, big data and data immersion that tells a powerful story that can move mountains in transforming healthcare. In the world of tech, there typically is an either/or approach that focuses on either automation or human-driven analysis. Authenticx is focused on the value qualitative and quantitative methods bring to build a contextual, data-backed story.  

3. AI technology provides immense value in data analysis.

There is an opportunity to extract meaningful, valuable, and useful data insights with AI-driven tools. Interpreting conversations is extremely important, and machine learning reliability depends on how models are contextually trained. At Authenticx, that has meant not using publicly sourced libraries, but leveraging healthcare-specific conversations that are evaluated by healthcare professionals.  

4. Problem solving begins by listening at scale.

Contact center operations often focus on solving problems one interaction at a time. Authenticx is focused on systemic issues—how do individual interactions matter at a thematic level and what is disrupting customers from getting what they need? Identifying data and insights that matter on a micro and macro level provide data insights that facilitate change. This scalable approach offers valuable context and impactful insights.  

5. Humans make the biggest difference.

Technology innovation is exciting, and actively redefining what it means to work in healthcare. However, it’s critical to keep in mind we (and you) are the people working to solve impossible challenges. We’re united on solving the right problem in the right way to improve healthcare using new ways to access and leverage valuable sources of data.  


Tell me more about how Authenticx works

Healthcare leaders need comprehensive, relevant customer feedback in order to build a customer-centric strategy. Authenticx surfaces actionable customer feedback so teams can make better decisions by listening directly to the voice of their customers. We help leaders strategically invest to maximize data that you already have to deliver on ROI. Our platform provides automated evaluations that review audio and metadata obtained from IVR systems. With configurable options, our solution offers healthcare-specific conversational intelligence. 

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