Three Healthcare Movements That Will Continue Throughout 2023

The dawn of a new year brings an opportunity for reflection, learning, and planning. What can we learn from 2022 to accelerate our progress in 2023?

Through listening to over 100 million patient, provider, payer, and pharmacy conversations, it’s clear these three movements that are here to stay:

  1. From transactions to patient-centric experiences. This was the rallying cry for healthcare in 2022 and it’s important to celebrate the progress being made. Operation leaders recognize that patients, providers, manufacturers, and pharmacy representatives can no longer be a series of transactions. Patient health is a partnership between many different entities and to create a successful partnership, they must put the patient in the center and create experiences that surround them.
    • 2022 Progress: Enlightened healthcare leaders realize the value of one untapped source of customer insight – the authentic and unsolicited conversations customers have with them along their care journey. Insights from customer conversations are shifting the focus away from NPS and survey data towards the highly contextualized insights that come from analyzing moments in the customer journey.
    • 2023 Opportunity: Healthcare leaders look to further capitalize on this source of insight by analyzing patient data along their journey, shifting from measuring the individual interaction to tracking the patient over time. The barrier to overcome in 2023 is a data barrier. Companies must start associating each interaction with a patient or customer ID.
  2. From cost center to insight center of excellence. As operation leaders begin to understand the value of customer interactions, they realize an opportunity to extend that value to other parts of the business. Gone are the days when the singular value of customer service and support is to resolve customer issues. Today, customer service and support are a goldmine for insights.
    • 2022 Progress: Operation leaders are sharing insights from customer interactions informally with other parts of the business. This sharing has been more reactive to insights they glean or questions that are asked than proactive.
    • 2023 Opportunity: Leaders throughout the business realize that the value of insights from customer interactions is far superior compared to traditional methods, such as survey data. This is creating a demand for interaction data, prompting operation leaders to create an insight center of excellence for the business.
  3. From sentiment to experiences and emotions. When it comes to customer insights, the elephant in the room is always how to leverage customer data to influence behaviors. We know from behavioral science and neuroscience that the number one driver of human behavior is emotion. But, what forms our emotions? Our emotions are shaped by the individual and ongoing experiences we have with a company.
    • 2022 Progress: The range of human emotion is too deep to be summarized into three sentiment categories: positive, neutral, and negative. Companies are starting to associate specific emotions with the experiences that create those emotions (e.g., the confusion that happens with a Medicare member receives an unexpected charge because of the coverage gap).
    • 2023 Opportunity: Further categorization of experiences and emotions will enable healthcare organizations to be more proactive with customers. They will look for opportunities to improve their communications, systems, and processes to help guide patients around and through the moments that cause undesired emotions.

While some healthcare companies can celebrate their progress in 2022, many are stuck in outdated and ineffective methods for ‘listening’ to the voice of their customers. The traditional methods of ‘listening’ via survey programs are no longer effective and leaders are frustrated. They are frustrated because they are investing significantly in survey programs and this investment isn’t paying off. The companies that realize that the technology exists to harness the authentic and unsolicited voice of the customer have the advantage of progress and momentum leading them into the new year.

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Leslie Pagel is the Chief Evangelist at Authenticx, a conversation analytics company dedicated to improving the way healthcare companies engage with patients. In this role, she creates awareness, across the healthcare industry, of more efficient and effective ways for healthcare organizations to deliver on their customer objectives. With over two decades of working with customer experience (CX) teams, Leslie helps clients actualize the voice of the patient to show how these voices prompt meaningful action.


Authenticx was founded to analyze and activate customer interaction data at scale. Why? We wanted to reveal transformational opportunities in healthcare. We are on a mission to help humans understand humans. With a combined 100+ years of leadership experience in pharma, payer, and healthcare organizations, we know first-hand the challenges and opportunities that our clients face because we’ve been in your shoes.

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