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Telehealth Patient Satisfaction Survey

Patient satisfaction is an important metric in the healthcare industry. However, gathering accurate and actionable feedback from patients is not always easy. A telehealth patient satisfaction survey probably sounds like it would be an effective method of assessing patient satisfaction with electronic health care services, but in reality, surveys provide only a very limited and skewed data set. Healthcare organizations who want a more reliable source of patient satisfaction data can turn to other means of assessing patient satisfaction with telehealth services.

If a healthcare leader wants to implement a better means of gathering and analyzing telehealth patient satisfaction data, they have multiple options to choose from. Customer interaction data analysis software, like Authenticx, is one solution. Instead of gathering limited sets of feedback from only the patients that choose to respond to surveys, healthcare organizations can use interaction data analysis software to identify and analyze customer feedback at the source. This allows them to understand the full context of the feedback and can help avoid survey fatigue. Additionally, unsolicited feedback is more valuable than survey data because it is more honest and raw.

Authenticx uses AI to analyze calls, chats, and emails and highlight actionable insights within those patient interactions. This enables healthcare organizations to gather unsolicited feedback from a large sample of patients, which is more likely than survey data to be truly representative of the whole group. Authenticx’s AI has the ability to analyze the nuances of human speech more effectively than a simple speech analytics platform, leading to more insightful analysis that takes context into account.

Healthcare leaders can improve their methods of assessing telehealth patient satisfaction by implementing a software solution that provides more actionable insights than traditional surveys can. Authenticx offers a powerful solution that can combine existing customer interaction data from each and every feedback channel and aggregate it into a single source of AI-driven customer experience insight.

Customer Satisfaction Research

Customer interaction data can reveal a lot about patient satisfaction in healthcare. It can be used to evaluate patient experiences and it can provide a more reliable dataset than patient satisfaction surveys can. By conducting customer satisfaction research, healthcare leaders can gain access to valuable insights that could help them take the appropriate actions to improve the overall satisfaction levels of their patients.

The problem is that collecting accurate customer interaction data is not always easy. Sometimes it may even feel impossible. Patient satisfaction surveys may be time-consuming to design and may only receive responses from a very narrow slice of a whole customer base. The process of collecting, analyzing, and acting on customer interaction data can be improved with the use of AI-powered customer interaction data analysis software.

Authenticx can make it easier for healthcare organizations to conduct customer satisfaction research by enabling them to pull data from any interaction across multiple channels of feedback, including phone calls, text support, emails, or any other feedback channel that is in place. This can allow for a more comprehensive and representative view of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction survey software is not usually as effective because it may only allow healthcare organizations to gather feedback from a limited sample size.

Telehealth Quality Metrics

It can be difficult to gain an accurate understanding of telehealth quality metrics by using formal patient feedback surveys. Formal surveys come with numerous limitations that lower the reliability of the data, which means that surveys are not always the ideal method of evaluating telehealth patient experience, or any kind of patient experience, for that matter.

A more effective method of analyzing telehealth metrics is to use customer interaction data software. This type of software enables a much deeper level of understanding regarding customer satisfaction and allow healthcare organizations to take confident action to improve patient satisfaction.

Authenticx is an example of customer interaction data software that can make the process of collecting and assessing patient interaction data much more efficient and productive. By implementing AI-powered customer interaction data software, healthcare organizations can:

  • Combine audio and visual feedback outputs directly from the customer
  • Visualize insights and trends across all available sources of data and leverage them into concrete action
  • Prioritize the most important customer interaction data and funnel it to executives to enable them to better connect with customers.

One of the ways traditional formal surveys restrict customer data is by filtering responses. A survey will not likely get a response from every patient, and the patients that do choose to respond are providing information about their experience retroactively. This results in feedback that is removed from all context and is not representative of the entire patient population. By using software to gather customer interaction data directly from the source interaction, healthcare organizations can gain access to unfiltered customer data.

Drawing from all available sources of customer interaction can enable a wide variety of responses that a structured survey might have missed. By using conversational analysis powered by artificial intelligence, customer interaction data platforms can provide a way for healthcare leaders to easily organize and analyze data that is gathered from across multiple channels of feedback.

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Telehealth Satisfaction Scale

The telehealth satisfaction scale is a scale that was created for the purpose of quantifying the effectiveness of telehealth healthcare services. By evaluating telehealth effectiveness, the telehealth satisfaction scale can help healthcare providers better understand customer experiences.

The telehealth satisfaction scale consists of 10 items that are rated on a 4 point Likert scale. A score of 1 indicates a poor rating for that item, 2 indicates fair, 3 indicates good, and 4 indicates excellent. This means that the total score that is arrived at using the telehealth satisfaction scale could range from 10 to 40. A score of 10 would be the worst score possible, and a score of 40 would be the best score possible.

Telemedicine satisfaction questionnaire scoring is a way of evaluating telehealth effectiveness using a numerical scale. It consists of 10 items, each scored on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 being the lowest score and 10 being the highest score. The telehealth satisfaction scale can provide healthcare organizations with a quantifiable means of evaluating telehealth patient satisfaction.

Evaluating telehealth with the telehealth satisfaction scale is one way for healthcare providers to analyze satisfaction levels among their telehealth patients. A better understanding of patient satisfaction can make it easier for healthcare organizations to improve patient interactions.

Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire

There are many different ways for healthcare organizations to gather feedback from customers. Offering patients the opportunity to fill out a patient satisfaction questionnaire after a visit is one possible method. However, a patient satisfaction survey questionnaire is not usually a reliable source of customer interaction data. This is because a patient satisfaction questionnaire only provides feedback from the limited group of patients that chose to fill it out. Feedback that was gathered from a wide range of sources and from a large number of patients would likely provide a more accurate picture of patient satisfaction.

Instead of using a patient satisfaction survey in healthcare, healthcare leaders could choose to use customer data analysis software to collect feedback and analyze patient interaction data. A simple client satisfaction questionnaire may not be particularly effective because it provides information from only the small selection of patients who choose to respond to the survey, which results in skewed data that is not accurate enough to be actionable.

Healthcare organizations who use customer interactions data analysis software could collect customer data straight from the source interactions themselves and combine data from every feedback channel into one comprehensive source of customer data. This creates the ability to act on a much wider and more representative picture of overall customer satisfaction levels.

Telemedicine Evaluation Tools

Telehealth technology can provide healthcare organizations with the ability to collect and analyze patient interaction data more efficiently. Customer interaction data analysis software like Authenticx offers the telemedicine evaluation tools necessary to collect and combine customer interaction data from across all channels of feedback and extract valuable insights from it.

Collecting and analyzing customer interaction data without the help of telehealth technology is difficult because it may be challenging to find effective methods of evaluating customer satisfaction at scale. A telehealth patient satisfaction survey is one method of collecting patient feedback, but it only provides information from a few customers who are not necessarily representative of the entire group. This is why a telehealth patient experience survey may not be the most effective means of assessing patient satisfaction.

There are other telemedicine evaluation tools available that could be a more effective means of analyzing patient satisfaction. Telehealth technology like customer interaction data analysis software can make it possible for healthcare providers to gain insight into the experiences of their entire patient population, not just those few who choose to respond to surveys.

Authenticx is one example of customer interaction data software that can help healthcare leaders access, organize, and structure customer data input from all of their feedback sources. This could make it easier to prioritize customer needs and determine the necessary actions to improve patient satisfaction.

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