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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Way Healthcare Listens

Artificial intelligence is helping healthcare listen at scale. Understand how and why artificial intelligence is changing how healthcare improves customer experience.

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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Way Healthcare Listens

Conversational Data

Conversational data is the lifeblood of call center data analytics. Unfortunately, conversational data collection is often ignored as a valuable source of information because it can be incredibly difficult to quantify and sort.

Authenticx knows that the things that your customers and patients say can play an essential role in solving your business challenges. That’s why Authenticx takes conversational data analysis so seriously.

Authenticx collects conversational data and sorts its insights by needs, interests, sources, and other indicators. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find all the calls about a certain topic in the same space? Or even better, if you could just listen to the parts of the call that are relevant to the topic at hand? You can do just that with Authenticx’s Speech Analyticx and Smart Sample features.

Leveraging conversational data and using its insights to make better business decisions for your healthcare practices can have a huge impact. The patient insights gained from analyzing conversational data can be incredible – and vast. By aggregating and analyzing conversational data, you can learn where your patients are getting stuck in what Authenticx calls an “Eddy Effect” in the customer journey.

Eddy effects are experiences that set your patient back to square one in their conversations and progress with your organization, which can lead to frustration and the loss of their business. Using the insights gained from conversational data, healthcare facilities can alleviate these eddies, removing the barriers from their patients and creating a more successful and streamlined patient experience, while improving their own operating efficiency.

There can be a lot of conversational data to sift through, which can use a lot of administrator time. Authenticx uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to collect, analyze, and categorize conversational data into easily digestible, easy-to-find and understand reports. Administrators can also listen to recorded calls and listen to the patients describe their obstacles in their own words, gaining insights to how their call center agents are operating at the same time.

Conversational AI

Conversational AI is a type of artificial intelligence that can aggregate and analyze real human conversations through natural language processing algorithms. The best conversational AI takes human emotion and stories and transforms it into both qualitative data with quantitative insights.

The utilization of conversational AI companies within a healthcare setting means that healthcare organizations have the opportunity to hear their patients’ problems directly. Healthcare organizations can then use the data gained from conversational AI examples to enact positive change.

Conversational AI doesn’t only occur in phone calls, it can also transform conversations from chatbots, text messages, and email. Collecting and sorting data from multiple sources can give healthcare providers a more holistic view of their services and patient experiences. The best conversational AI should also be self-teaching. This means that every time a user interacts with the conversational artificial intelligence software, their actions create a feedback loop that teaches the machine learning models, creating near real-time improvements to the model. This increased automation means even less administrative time used to make manual improvements to the software.

Conversational AI can create a better customer experience and help provide more efficient human support. The insights gained from utilizing conversational AI are meant to be activated by the healthcare providers who use the AI, creating a better experience for the patient overall. Authenticx uses conversational artificial intelligence to help clean up and qualify conversational data, which can be a very messy data source with no straightforward way to manually sort.

How It Works

Gain a deeper level understanding of contact center conversations with AI solutions.

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Pull customer interaction data across vendors, products, and services into a single source of truth.


Collect quantitative and qualitative information to understand patterns and uncover opportunities.


Confidently take action with insights that close the gap between your organization and your customers.

Conversational AI Platform

Conversational AI platform providers give users the information they need to take personable and actionable steps to improve their business processes. Authenticx was created by former healthcare professionals for healthcare providers and professionals to provide the best level of service for their patients.

A conversational AI platform helps healthcare providers identify the issues that are making their patients feel stuck, and leads providers to the solutions they need to overcome that adversity. Conversational data can be used at multiple levels within the healthcare industry, including marketing, compliance, operations, and customer experience.

Authentic, one of the top conversational AI platforms, allows marketers to tap into the conversational insights they already have access to in order to build a patient-centric marketing plan. Using a conversational artificial intelligence platform greatly reduces the need to rely on surveys for customer feedback, creating less administrative work and fast-tracking workflow. With Authenticx’s Montage Builder, marketers can use honest and inspiring feedback to create effective marketing campaigns.

Conversational AI platforms can also be useful tools in measuring and ensuring compliance. Using conversational AI can reduce the need for compliance observations by up to 50%. Insights gained from Authenticx can be used to monitor call center performance and train call center agents needing a compliance refresher. The data gained from conversational AI platforms can indicate when additional compliance training is necessary and reduces the reliance on self-reported compliance events.

The use of conversational AI platforms in healthcare can radically improve provider efficiency and customer experience by giving healthcare organizations the information they’ve been missing, directly quoted from their customer’s experience.

Conversational Analytics

There are several key conversational analytics tools that Authenticx uses to deliver the best information to its clients. Speech Analyticx, Smart Sample, Smart Predict, and Montage builder are useful features of Authenticx’s conversational analytics platform.

These different tools, used in tandem, were crafted to deliver healthcare providers the insights they need to make personalized and specific improvements to their internal processes. By activating the data gained from Authenticx, they can resolve customer complaints and improve their own internal efficiency.

Speech Analyticx allows providers to deeply examine transcripts and call audio with automated topic identification and categorization. This tool reports metrics around topics, customer sentiment, and other filters that the healthcare provider can choose. This feature is a key player when it comes to organizing a messy data source with conversational analytics.

Smart Sample builds on this data aggregation by Speech Analyticx and allows providers to search for call data based on the topic discussed and the customer’s emotional output during the call. This categorization gives healthcare providers actionable insights while providing context to the quantitative reports seen in other conversational analytics dashboards. Smart Sample streamlines the problem-solving process and makes resolving Eddy Effects faster and more effective than ever.

Marketers can use conversation analytics for sales by finding success stories through conversational analytics examples within the platform. Conversational analytics tools can help provide powerful customer stories where both the patient and the provider win and elevate even more patients to success through provider problem-solving.

What is Conversation Intelligence

We’ve talked about conversational AI a lot, but just what is conversation intelligence? A “conversation” within a healthcare context is any bi-directional and unsolicited feedback with a customer. This can take place via call, text, email, or chatbot. But what exactly is unsolicited feedback? Unsolicited feedback are the organic thoughts and feelings that a patient shared with an analyst without being prompted or asked.

Every patient is calling your call center for a reason, and they will tell you why and how they feel about it. Analyzing this unstructured data with conversational intelligence software gives providers access to specific insights from customer interactions.

Authenticx allows healthcare providers to utilize conversational intelligence in their interactions with customers. Patients will often call for support, and without using a conversational AI platform to capture, qualify, and quantify that unstructured data, those insights would be lost. Healthcare providers use data from conversational analytics to answer questions, provide quality service, enhance customer support, create marketing campaigns, and ensure compliance.

Healthcare operations departments face several challenges when it comes to identifying patient and provider problems. Reported analytics and collected data usually do not provide actionable feedback that clearly indicates where exactly a problem is occurring.

Other methods of monitoring quality, customer experience, and provider efficiency are also not scalable or informative. Additionally, traditional methods of evaluating data from contact centers do not provide any insights into the human experience from the patient, leaving valuable information on the cutting room floor.

Operations departments use Authenticx to glean understanding from conversations that are already happening between a patient and a call center agent. The software gives operations managers a dashboard of frequently discussed topics, allowing them to see at a glance what is most discussed when a patient uses the call center. These insights can be used to improve processes that would have gone undetected otherwise.

Conversational intelligence is an artificial intelligence/machine learning model that processes natural language. It can do this in a variety of ways, depending on the source of information (audio vs chatbot, for example).

Initially, the conversation AI is taught by a person to look for certain keywords. If a healthcare provider is looking for insights about wait times, perhaps the keyword would be “waited.” The software can then identify and sort information based on the topics it has been taught. As it identifies topics, it self-teaches what qualifies as a topic, improving the model on its own.

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