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VOC Software

Appropriately serving your customer has been the drive of successful businesses for generations. While this fundamental mission has not changed, the tools available to complete it have. How you may ask? With VOC Software.

Nowadays, there is more customer data available across more channels than ever before. Companies looking to improve their customer experience and better serve their audience need to be able to use this data to generate insights and make improvements to their products or services.

Human analysts alone would not be able to collect and organize all of this data, and that is why VOC software is the new best solution for customer-oriented businesses. VOC Software refers to “Voice of the Customer” software tools that enable businesses to gather insights from their customer interactions across multiple channels.

This concept of VOC may not be entirely new, but having software solutions assist the process is what has revolutionized this practice for the modern day. Voice of the Customer examples from previous generations might have included simple things like customer surveys. While customer surveys are still prominent on the web, software now allows businesses to analyze customer insight from things like phone calls.

Authenticx is one such software company empowering businesses with VOC software, especially in the healthcare industry. By utilizing VOC software, healthcare organizations can look to better serve their customers by analyzing and identifying what customers need through their conversations. Authenticx is not a call center service; Authenticx assists with analyzing customer interactions after they have already called in.

For ultimate clarity and to help define the breadth and benefits of VOC software, this guide details what VOC software is in clear and cohesive terms.

Benefits of VOC Software

The benefits of VOC software are aimed at taking your already valuable customer interactions and analyzing them for even more insight. The best voice of the customer software should do just as the name suggests and truly reveal the “voice of the customer.”

There is perhaps no place where this is more important than with VOC in healthcare. Software tools have allowed the healthcare industry to better serve patients than ever before, and VOC is yet another incredible tool to add to the arsenal.

The goal of all of your medical staff is to best address the needs of the patient, and a lot of education goes into that practice. With VOC software, you can apply this same level of understanding and insight to more customer interactions, where you can seek even more ways to boost the customer experience.

For instance, individual calls from customers may not reveal systemic issues that need to be addressed, but with software tools that can analyze all incoming calls, you can generate insights and identify what moves you need to make based on the “voice” of your customers.

Voice of the Customer Tools

Authenticx provides voice of the customer tools that emphasize this practice very well. With Authenticx’s Speech Analyticx program, you can have themes and trends across your customer interactions, and calls analyzed for VOC data.

For instance, let’s say that you have received many calls this week, and on an individual basis, maybe someone noticed a complaint or two that didn’t sound very serious. However, VOC tools could analyze the entire volume of your calls and identify trends that didn’t seem to be too intense or widespread.

VOC analytics could then identify, for instance, that this week customers calling complained more about their wait times than usual. VOC scores could even be provided to determine how much more these complaints were levied than usual.

This provides an invaluable opportunity to truly “hear” the voice of your customer and gain insight into the entirety of your audience. This can also empower you to act upon your customers’ complaints, from smallest to largest, when they signal a consistent issue.

With these tools, you can look to get more out of your existing interactions, finding a use for the data that previously may have been too unwieldy for you to really have a firm grasp on. That should be the drive of every business looking to become more efficient in their operations, making the most of their existing resources to further their goals and the customer experience.

How It Works

Gain a deeper level understanding of contact center conversations with AI solutions.

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Pull customer interaction data across vendors, products, and services into a single source of truth.


Collect quantitative and qualitative information to understand patterns and uncover opportunities.


Confidently take action with insights that close the gap between your organization and your customers.

VOC Data

Data has always been important for businesses, but the term “data” means a lot more for many people than it used to. A smaller local store 100 years ago still collected and analyzed data, but it would look pretty different from business and customer data today. Names of customers, demographics, and maybe products that sold most and what time are examples of data that could be reasonably managed by a small store and be important for business insight.

These stats are still important today, but with more people and more access to customer data points, businesses have a lot more information on their hands in the modern business world. A VOC data platform is used to help you accurately analyze this data without getting lost in a vast sea of information.

While some might say businesses had too little information before, there is also such a thing as having too much, at least for humans to handle themselves. VOC data management allows you to see trends, themes, and issues present in a massive amount of customer information.

Authenticx’s VOC data platform helps companies combine VOC data, allowing it to be organized, analyzed, and activated for customer experience improvements.

Voice of the Customer Best Practices

VOC (voice of the customer) can be used to help your business and your customers improve their experience. That being said, VOC software and tools can be used insufficiently, so there are some voice of the customer best practices that you should consider when implementing VOC in your business.

To begin, you should make sure to actually use the insights obtained from VOC data analysis. It can look good for companies to request the service of a VOC platform, but if you are merely generating the insights and not taking action on them, then you are missing a crucial part of the process.

You should also use your voice of the customer research to seek further feedback from your customers. Once you have identified trends, you can look to directly address them with customers and see if they have any explicit suggestions that would better serve them.

For the best examples of how to use and capitalize on VOC software, then you should check out a voice of the customer case study and how the technology helped a business improve its customer experience. Authenticx offers access to many that can help you understand the impact of VOC software.

VOC (Voice of the Customer) Can Be Used To

It is important to remember that a voice of the customer program is used for the analysis of customer interactions and, in the case of Authenticx, the analysis of customer phone calls. It is not call center software. So, while VOC (voice of customer) can be used to gain better insight into your customers, it is not a service to directly interact with them, such as in a phone call scenario.

The VOC process steps will begin after customer interactions have been made or, in some cases, during the interactions themselves. VOC software and platforms are about collecting, organizing, and analyzing data, but the infrastructure should be in place to gather this information.

Another thing that VOC can help with, however, is determining what the best process for customer interaction is. It’s possible that your customers don’t feel heard in their current mode of interaction, or they would prefer more avenues to reach your organization. VOC could help generate these insights from your current interactions and help you determine what some new initiatives for customer interaction could be.

Many businesses can become complacent as their system “just works,” but VOC can help uncover ways that any business can improve its customer experience.

Voice of Customer Report Example

When using VOC tools, you will gain access to a voice of the customer report that outlines the analysis produced by this software. This makes VOC in sales an important consideration, as business intelligence and insights are what can drive forward your marketing decisions and, in turn, improve your sales metrics.

When it comes to product marketing, voice of the customer tools can give you the information that you need for your next iteration. Sometimes individual customers could have a difficult time providing the exact insight you need, but the collective could offer data for you to draw conclusions from.

To see a voice of the customer report example, you can visit the Authenticx website and see a preview of how a VOC platform can serve businesses. Your calls will be thoroughly analyzed, and the VOC platform will take this gathered data and identify trends and themes that are used to develop a comprehensive report on the voice of your customer.

From here, it is up to you how your business will respond to this insight. It is not enough to “hear” your customers and understand their concerns, you must implement a plan to act on these VOC insights.

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