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Tap into existing customer conversations to reveal qualitative feedback. This unfiltered, renewable source of insights accounts for every customer voice – even those who don’t respond to surveys.

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Way Healthcare Listens

Artificial intelligence is helping healthcare listen at scale. Understand how and why artificial intelligence is changing how healthcare improves customer experience.

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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Way Healthcare Listens | Authenticx

Customer Experience Platform

For a lot of businesses, customer feedback is essential. An advanced customer experience platform is the key to continually improving the way a business is run so that it benefits both the organization and the customers. How customers feel about their experience with a company is especially important in the world of healthcare. In comparison to other types of businesses, healthcare companies usually seem to place a higher level of emphasis on the customer experience.

What is CX? The definition of customer experience (CX) does not limit itself to the stage in which someone is actively receiving a product or a service. Customer experience is the totality of consumer responses during all stages of the consumption process. This includes the stages before the purchase, the point of consumption, and the stages that come after the purchase. The need to thoroughly serve customers continues throughout the customer’s purchasing journey, as they may have questions or concerns before and after a purchase has already been made.

Sometimes, customer experience (CX) gets confused with user experience (UX). The acronyms look similar. However, there is a clear difference between CX vs UX. Customer experience refers to how a consumer responds throughout the consumption process, with a greater focus on the customer service they receive. User experience, on the other hand, is less about how a consumer responds to the way they are treated by a business and more about their experience actually using a product or service. Today, the focus will be on customer experience.

Having a customer experience platform can be a great way to gain insight into the perspective of the consumer. Based on the data collected from customer interactions, you can begin to notice trends in those interactions and how they could improve. Authenticx is a CX automation platform designed to provide valuable context about customer journeys, targeted call evaluations, and data-backed storytelling.

Customer Experience Management

Since customer experience is so important, naturally, there is a need to manage it. With the technology available today, customer experience management often now goes far beyond collecting survey responses. Customer experience management concepts in the past have largely focused on soliciting specific feedback from the consumer. However, you cannot always receive the feedback you need (or think that you need) to improve future customers’ experience with your company.

The collection of customer experience management tools is growing, many of which are available as part of software platforms geared towards monitoring customer experiences. If you are searching for ways to better manage customer experiences, it is possible that you have or will come across customer experience management examples that are rooted in software solutions. Authenticx offers one such solution through its customer experience software and platform.

Authenticx’s customer experience software has the power to listen, analyze, and activate customer voices to confidently identify dynamics and disruptions that are impacting the customer journey. This is made possible by artificial intelligence innovations. The platform, equipped with artificial intelligence, may be able to help you collect, analyze, and respond to relevant customer feedback in ways that cannot be done efficiently with other methods.

Some of the problems healthcare customer experience leaders currently face are based on a lack of quality information. For example, most of the time, customer feedback is heavily dependent upon survey responses. The problem with this is that not everyone will choose to complete these surveys and, if they do, they may not accurately reflect their subconscious thoughts about the customer experience.

Customer Experience Software

Customer experience leaders also run into additional challenges related to there being limited data to conclude from. Not only can it be difficult to gather data using existing methods for customer feedback, but it can be even more challenging to gather data that is truly representative of the entire customer population. Moreover, it can be near impossible, with current customer feedback methods, to identify where in the process customer experience disruptions are occurring.

Authenticx is a customer experience management platform, equipped with sophisticated customer experience management software, that is designed to help mitigate these struggles by offering several helpful tools. For example, this includes utilizing natural language processing algorithms specifically for healthcare, extracting meaning and context from data sources, organizing unstructured data, and identifying disruptions to better direct resources. The platform works upon a customer experience management framework that focuses on the aggregation, analysis, and activation of customer data.

As part of its push to offer the best customer experience management software available, Authenticx has created a new standard for humanizing conversational intelligence at scale. Authenticx does this by making it possible to combine the customer interactions you already have across all of your channels so they are organized around your specific needs, interests, sources, and categories. This level of customization means you can tweak the way your platform assesses your data based on the qualities deemed most important to your healthcare operation.

Best Experience Software

What is the best CX platform? Truth be told, there is no one-size-fits-all solution that is the best customer experience software for any and every business out there. However, there may be a customer experience app out there that is a good fit for your company in particular. The answer may depend on factors such as the industry you are in, the current problems you are facing in terms of customer experience, and so on.

Out of all of the customer experience platform examples, Authenticx stands out as being built from healthcare and for healthcare. The stakes in healthcare can be quite high, and this may call for data tools that can truly be relied upon to diagnose a problem. For Authenticx, getting the customer experience right in healthcare requires diligent observation, organization, and means to take action once a pattern or issue has been identified.

The first step is Aggregate. By collecting and observing all of your customer interaction data across silos, channels, and teams, Authenticx can provide you with powerful, immersive insights to promote sound decision-making. As part of these insights, you can receive additional context that NPS and surveys tend to miss.

The next phase is Analyze. Authenticx can interpret your data and give you a fully-immersive blend of both quantitative and qualitative insights. For example, you can organize conversational insights by the indicators of your choice, as well as to conduct quality and compliance sampling. Proprietary machine learning models can also classify and auto-score your data.

The last phase of Authenticx’s process for better customer experience and success is Activate. The Authenticx platform can help you identify and diagnose your pain points. For example, you can categorize existing data to structure it for sharing across the organization. Furthermore, the software can also assist you with measuring agent performance, providing coaching opportunities to improve quality scores. This way, you can take the extra step toward properly accounting for every voice within your diverse patient population.

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Pull customer interaction data across vendors, products, and services into a single source of truth.


Collect quantitative and qualitative information to understand patterns and uncover opportunities.


Confidently take action with insights that close the gap between your organization and your customers.

Customer Experience Solutions

Authenticx offers customer experience solutions for customer experience leaders in life sciences, those that are providers, and those that are payers. For those involved in life sciences, Authenticx provides customer experience tools that can be useful for contexts such as marketing, compliance, and operations. Customer experience products in this category are meant to help you adopt a patient-centric approach in the pharmaceutical industry. This is done by expanding monitoring to reduce error rates, monitoring for Adverse Events (AEs) and Product Quality Complaints (PQCs), and reporting trends over time for quality improvement across the board.

For providers, Authenticx can help organizations gain insight to improve efficiency and fix clerical errors. This means reducing unnecessary calls, identifying drivers of patient attrition or retention, and monitoring call center performance and agent effectiveness. Ideally, the platform would be able to assist with overcoming challenges such as digital transformation or investment roadblocks, a lack of access to the entire patient population, and dated methods for aggregating and analyzing data channels.

When it comes to healthcare payers, Authenticx can assist with strategic monitoring so you can deploy resources more efficiently. The platform does this by enhancing metrics to account for the human side of healthcare, identifying drivers of member attrition or retention, consolidating reporting to better track trends over time, and identifying member experience disruptions or bottlenecks. Rather than frustrating customers, you could use something like Authenticx’s software to solve challenges related to navigating complex healthcare systems.

Customer Experience Solutions Companies

As was mentioned earlier, not all of the businesses that are referred to as the best CX companies or the top CX companies will be perfect matches for anyone who is seeking customer experience solutions companies. What matters is that you can find customer experience management companies that work for you and cater to your needs as a business. Authenticx aims to be the top choice among those companies for clients involved in the healthcare industry.

Authenticx understands that healthcare conversations are different from regular conversations. It keeps that in mind while finding ways to transform those conversations into better customer experiences, as well as make sure you can account for every voice of your diverse patient population. To organize your past, present, and future customer interaction data, Authenticx strives to help you structure that in a way that makes sense and can be shared throughout your organization. Authenticx is creating a new standard for humanizing conversational intelligence in healthcare.

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