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Tap into existing customer conversations to reveal qualitative feedback. This unfiltered, renewable source of insights accounts for every customer voice – even those who don’t respond to surveys.

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The marketing team at a global Life Sciences company needed information about a specific branded medication as part of strategic planning and improved messaging. The team was looking for insights to improve the patient experience and clarify messaging.

How AI Is Changing the Way Healthcare Listens

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Call Monitoring that tracks data and increases call quality.

Track and increase your overall member services call quality score and monitor customer calls with Authenticx.

Call Monitoring Software

Businesses in the modern world have a lot more avenues with which they can interact with customers. Whether it is appealing to new ones or addressing the concerns of current ones, businesses now manage multiple channels of customer engagement with tools like call monitoring software.

This is incredibly helpful for providing businesses with an abundance of data. Data is essential for making good business decisions. Even anecdotal information can function as data. As businesses experience more digitization, more relevant data can be extracted from the various channels of customer interaction. However, too much data can also become an issue, especially if your business is unable to collect and organize it all.

Without proper management of your data sources, you can not generate valuable business intelligence that provides reliable insight into your customer base. Without this insight, your business decisions can be left without direction and impact.

In fields like healthcare, this data analysis and insight generation is important, as serving customers is the prime focus of this industry. In healthcare, poor service can be a much more serious issue than an entertainment product. One of the most important customer interaction channels for healthcare is phone calls, so healthcare organizations should look to implement tools that can make the most of their phone call interactions.

Call monitoring software is becoming increasingly advanced in its ability to aid businesses in generating insights from customer engagement. Call monitoring means that when a customer phones into your organization, the audio generated in that call can be collected and aggregated with many other customers, and your business can analyze this data for information on the quality of your customer experience.

Call quality monitoring software has taken healthcare business customer experience improvements to the next level as they can identify themes and trends that would be nearly impossible without the help of software tools. To further lay out the importance of call monitoring software, let’s break down the specifics of the tools and what benefits they add to businesses that implement them.

Contact Center Call Monitoring Software

It is important to distinguish between call center quality monitoring software and technology that actually runs call center conversations. Contact center call monitoring software is not a call center service. You should not expect to receive this service and have it manage your call center with humans or AI or otherwise.

Instead, the value of call center scripting software is in the ability to monitor customer and business interactions in order to identify trends and themes in the aggregate. This is important for businesses looking to improve their customer experience and should also be considered a great marketing initiative.

On the one hand, monitoring calls and identifying issues is a great way to improve customer satisfaction with your organization. On the other hand, this also offers an opportunity to identify more opportunities that customers are seeking from your business. Direct surveys sometimes work for this, but other times customers don’t know exactly what to call the things they want, and call monitoring software can help you identify how they feel and how you can satisfy them.

For an example of a reliable call center monitoring software, checkout Authenticx. The Authenticx platform was built with a focus on healthcare from the very beginning, and by implementing the platform into your business operations, you can start generating more in-depth insights from which to make business decisions.

Call Monitoring Tools

Call monitoring tools like Authenticx bridge the gap between simply listening to your customer and truly understanding them. Even more, a call monitoring system can analyze aggregates of customer data, allowing you to visualize the needs of your entire base, not just individual customers.

Individual customers and their needs are important, but when looking to improve your general customer experience, you need to provide systemic solutions. A call monitoring app offers the tools to collect, organize and analyze data so you can understand the challenges facing your system and use data-driven insight to make business decisions.

Call monitoring tools emphasize the value of the Voice of the Customer (VoC). The name pretty sufficiently describes the term, it’s the wants and needs of your customers, their “voice” in the business-customer dynamic.

The fact is, your business cannot act on issues that it doesn’t know exists. It is possible that you feel that you need to improve, but you are unsure of where to start. A call monitoring form can help you address questions to customers for suggested improvements. But knowing the right questions to ask is as important as asking them in the first place. With call monitoring software, you can gain the knowledge needed to ask better questions and extract more valuable insight from customers.

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Gain a deeper level understanding of contact center conversations with AI solutions.

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Confidently take action with insights that close the gap between your organization and your customers.

Call Monitoring Software Example

Authenticx is a call monitoring software example that can monitor trends so that organizations can implement continual quality improvement and accountability. Most successful businesses will understand that you need to listen to the customer and address their needs to receive their continued patronage, but businesses can always look to improve how well they listen to customers and address their needs.

Live call monitoring software offers you an opportunity to improve your customer experience by understanding the root of their problems and then implementing solutions that directly address them. For an example of how important this pursuit is, consider the fact that Authenticx found that around 25% of customer calls could be prevented if the proper means to address the issues were in place.

This shows the power of the best call-monitoring software services. While customer phone calls are an important means of communication, if your business has to deal with too many of them, it can become disruptive to the business atmosphere. Too many calls probably also mean that customers don’t have the right outlets to solve their issues.

By implementing reliable call monitoring software, a business can improve its infrastructure and solutions offered to customers and even reduce the need for calls in the first place. While some customer phone calls may always be necessary, sitting on a call trying to hash out a problem that could be more easily solved can feel frustrating for all parties involved. Make use of the current calls you have and prevent the need for more in the future.

Quality Assurance Software

Quality assurance software is implemented to ensure that all of your business processes are operating efficiently and working in a way that satisfies the customer and your business goals. Quality assurance software can take several different forms, and call recording and tracking software is just one of these quality assurance services.

Call analysis software is important for quality assurance because it allows you to review one of the most crucial points of customer engagement, for worker improvement, and also to address issues that the customer called for in the first place.

This level of quality assurance might not normally be available if it was just being managed by individual workers. Due to multiple shifts and multiple employees, you would have to have them track their own behavior and reflect on it while recording customer statements. Then, all of these workers would have to come together to collect, organize, and analyze this data to draw insights for the business.

In the age of digitization, this process is infinitely simpler and more efficient. With the help of quality assurance call monitoring software, a business can record and aggregate all customer phone calls, organize the data and receive quantitative and qualitative analysis on which to act for their business.

Contact Center Quality Management

There are a few different types of call monitoring, and many of the differences depend on the depth of the tools you use to achieve it. Call monitoring templates even offer a low-tech solution to call monitoring inquiries. With the low-tech reality of this approach, it can be much more difficult for businesses and their employees to handle.

This is why software solutions like Authenticx are the best choice for businesses looking to effectively monitor their customer calls for data and insight generation. You want to assist your customers and employees as much as possible, and the best way to do that is by offering tools that have a maximum impact with minimal effect on their duties.

Call monitoring software often works in the background. While employees and customers are conducting calls, the call monitoring software will record the call so that it can begin its analysis of the audio data. Then, when these individual calls and insights are aggregated together with the entirety of an organization’s call volume, trends and themes can start to appear among the data. It is in these trends, and by identifying these recurring themes, that businesses can begin to devise an improved customer experience.

So, with the capabilities of call center monitoring software established, you may want more information on how to monitor customer calls in your business. Is there something you have to install? Do workers need to activate a system before or during a call? When it comes to a contact center quality management system like Authenticx, the integration into your business infrastructure is as seamless as possible.

If you want a clear demonstration of how Authenticx will be implemented into your business infrastructure, then feel free to request a demo today.

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