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Call Center Data Analysis

Call center agents face high expectations from customers who call for assistance. Customers usually want their problems resolved while receiving excellent customer service. The question is, how can you ensure that your call center agents are equipped with the necessary tools to provide customers with the service that they want? The answer is with a call center data analysis.

If the calls and live chats go well, you can earn more loyal and happy customers. If the customers leave disgruntled or unsatisfied, that could very well be someone who looks for healthcare somewhere else. 

Authenticx is a software company that seeks to help companies in the healthcare sector analyze customer interaction data. The analysis is done using AI, which means that artificial intelligence will analyze phone calls when a customer calls support. You are able to use Authenticx tools to aggregate and organize data in order to help you understand customer concerns and make more impactful adaptations in your organization.

Call centers are able to use Authenticx’s Speech Analyticx tool for call center data analysis. The tool offers many functionalities, including call center volume analysis and call center dataset for sentiment analysis. Speech Analyticx reporting provides useful metrics for conversation topics, audio sentiment analysis, and other information that you can use to optimize your call center’s performance. 

Using this call center sentiment analysis tool, call centers can summarize themes and trends across customer interactions. With the audio sentiment analysis dataset, you can better adapt to customer needs and expectations. 

Note that Authenticx is not a call center service but a software company that simply enables you to tap into customer interaction data in a more efficient and productive way when calls are made to your call center. 

Call Center Predictive Analytics

You may have heard of predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics. These two types of analytics differ in what they use data and statistics to do. Call center analytics software may incorporate both kinds of analytics to assist your organization’s performance optimization. 

Call center predictive analytics uses stats to determine future performance. Current and historical data are both used to project future performance. Meanwhile, prescriptive analytics uses data to determine an optimal course of action. Prescriptive insights can assist your healthcare organization in making the necessary adjustments to improve customer experience. 

Authenticx’s call center analytics tool helps uncover actionable insights quickly and accurately so that your operations can make positive adjustments. It works through three main steps:

*Aggregate* – Authenticx uses conversational data, whether pre-existing or newly collected by the monitoring tool, to evaluate customer and agent voices. Critical insights come to the surface during this process. Themes and trends can help you discover relevant topics and sentiments. 

*Analyze* – Organizations can link their telephony platforms and find out how each contact center is, performance-wise. 

*Activate* – You can monitor the trends that have been identified in order to implement improvements and boost accountability. 

The more immersive, data-driven, and actionable your insights are, the easier it is to make quality changes that benefit your healthcare organization. Speech Analyticx can help you establish a clear picture of what your data is telling you. You can search for specific topics, delve into transcripts, audio files, and more.

Call Center Case Study

Call center analytics use cases can be beneficial when you are deciding on what tools to use for your particular organization. A call center case study example can be looked at to see how call centers leverage Authenticx tools to improve their call center quality

In this particular call center analytics case study, the company used Authenticx to monitor customer calls on a monthly basis. Authenticx also offered call montages that highlighted agent strengths each month. With more training opportunities pointed out by Authenticx tools, this company managed to improve its quality score significantly over the years. 

The company’s goal was to increase its overall member services call quality score and also monitor customer calls more effectively. In the end, the company was able to do so successfully, finding Authenticx beneficial to their overall operations. 

If you are interested in monitoring quality and compliance across all of your interactions with customers, Authenticx’s tools can be an amazing starting point. We also offer use cases for agent training, quality and agent performance, contact center management, and vendor management. With the help of our tried and true tools, you can improve your customer satisfaction. 

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Confidently take action with insights that close the gap between your organization and your customers.

Call Center Optimization

Call center optimization is important for your call center to become the best it can be. It allows your organization to be more competitive and efficient compared to your competitors. The more optimized your call center, the happier your customers tend to be. One way to improve your call center is by learning from the statistics on your call center performance dashboard. You may also want a performance dashboard template for reference and convenience. 

Authenticx enables you to gain a comprehensive view of your performance via an agent performance dashboard. This dashboard includes consolidated reporting of your agents’ and organization’s performance, which can give you plenty of useful insights. 

Authenticx has analyzed millions of healthcare conversations to pinpoint trends that might otherwise go unnoticed. We can enhance your organization’s call center performance and help you collect near real-time, ongoing insights from your customers without creating any unpleasant friction. 

As you optimize your call center, it can become easier to allocate your resources and budget for call center needs and challenges. Studies have shown that 25% of inbound customer calls are actually preventable. By tackling disruptions that are noted by the call center data analysis tool, you can become more efficient, improve your customer understanding, and boost your organization’s profitability. 

Call Center Dataset

A call center dataset may refer to the data collected by the call center, such as the customers’ general sentiment, what they care about, and more. Like a customer service dataset, a call center audio dataset may be able to give you valuable insights into what your customer cares about. 

Datasets are typically organized in a fashion that makes them more accessible to organizations that want to use the data. Different tools and software can help you manage your customer data and insights in a more efficient way. 

For those who are running a call center data science project, it may be important to have a call center transcripts dataset. However, if your data is unstructured, it can be near impossible to find any actionable insights. That is why it is crucial to invest in call center optimization.

Healthcare operations today face the problems of having keywords and data that are not actionable, monitoring methods that are not scalable, and inefficient monitoring and management in general. 

In addition, traditional contact center metrics do not tend to account for the human side of the experience. What worries do customers feel when they are calling? How can you maximize the data that you already have and use it to make genuine improvements? What insights are nice to have, and which are absolutely critical? 

Authenticx’s Speech Analyticx offers custom reporting options that allow you to better organize large datasets. Authenticx is here to help enable you to make the most out of your pre-existing conversational data. You can gain a more whole understanding of your customer experience and a comprehensive view of your call center agents’ performance

Another benefit of using Authenticx is that you may be able to identify disruptions so that you can ultimately reduce call volume. Call centers often have to bear the burden of frequent calls and complaints. After making changes to your organization, thanks to the insights and analytics, you can reduce that burden. 

At the end of the day, call centers are a necessary and important part of every healthcare organization. They can provide you with useful insights, but only if you allow them to. It is important to look into the call center datasets and draw out the most meaningful conclusions from them. Find out what your customers care about, what they don’t like, and how you can make the necessary changes to improve your call center service. 

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