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Call Center Quality Assurance Metrics

There are numerous call center metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to consider when evaluating the efficiency of your call center or contact center. Some of the common ones are: average call abandonment rate, percentage of inbound calls blocked, average queue time, service level, average handle time, and first call resolution. Call center performance metrics, contact center metrics, and call center quality assurance metrics can help you judge how your agents are performing. 

Before diving deeper into the topic of what is quality monitoring, it is essential to know why customer satisfaction is important. Customer satisfaction is what influences your company’s reputation, reviews, and revenue. If people are happy, they tend to be more loyal to your brand. They may be much less likely to switch to another product or service.

On the other hand, if customers are dissatisfied, they may seek services elsewhere and discontinue their relationship with you. They may also contact call centers to flood them with complaints, which increases the burden of calls on your customer service call centers and can impact your QA score (call center quality assurance score). 

So, how should you improve your call center quality? How can you see a positive trend in your key performance indicators? One way is to use call center software that can benefit your organization. 

Authenticx is a customer service/call center software platform that listens, analyzes, and activates customer voices. With this platform, you can confidently identify dynamics and disruptions impacting the customer journey.

How To Improve Call Center Agent Performance

How to improve call center agent performance is an important question for call centers that want to improve their agent performance metrics, which is something that is very important for healthcare organizations.

Authenticx’s platform seeks to help call centers and contact centers improve their quality assurance (QA) by identifying which metrics to measure and what needs to be taken into account. The platform can also point out how a software solution can help and provide you with a comprehensive agent performance report

A software solution like Authenticx can easily streamline your strategy for improving your call center agent performance. You can retrieve any agent performance report without issue. Sometimes, there may be common barriers that impact agent performance. You can see what these barriers are on the convenient call center agent performance dashboard. 

With the help of AI evaluation, you can more efficiently monitor key quality metrics such as first call resolution and average handling time. You can also scale with Authenticx and gain visibility into how both agents and vendors are upholding your company standards.

A call center agent performance scoreboard can help you gain further insight into how agents are performing at your call center. Does the agent proactively listen? Take accountability? Manage with efficiency? These are all quality metrics that the software platform can provide you. 

Call Center Agent Coaching

Call center agent coaching can lead to improved performance and call center quality assurance metrics all across your call center. That is why it is a good idea to have a customer service coaching plan for your healthcare organization. Some quality assurance coaching techniques will be more suited for your call center. It all depends on what kind of agents you are training, what your company goals are, and numerous other factors. 

With a quality agent performance dashboard, you can provide coaching and feedback to your team that can create real improvement. The feedback will be determined by evaluating the agent conversations, and improvement will be visible over time. Metrics that are commonly monitored by this agent coaching platform include key metrics such as first call resolution, sentiment, and average time handling.

First call resolution, also known as first contact resolution, refers to how often a customer’s problem is resolved within the first call or contact made with a call center representative. The better your first call resolution rate, the more efficient your call center can be. 

Sentiment can be identified by well-trained AI models. Authenticx software uses AI to identify sentiments and emotions so that agent performance can be better evaluated based on how the calling customers are feeling during the call. 

Average time handling refers to how long the duration of the entire call takes. Since this time includes hold times and transfers, it is often longer than is desirable for both customers and your organization. 

Another key feature of the agent performance dashboard is the auto-scoring of quality assurance. In the end, you can look at your QA scorecard to see how your agents’ performance has improved over time.

Is the first call resolution rate higher? Is the average time handling lower? And are customers happier and calmer when on the call with your agents? Machine learning works to summarize content, monitor sentiment shifts, and even automate workflows for your convenience. 

Finally, you can use conversational data, whether pre-existing or newly collected, to quickly create training scenarios to onboard new employees at your call center. These high-impact training videos for agents and vendors can highlight the positive impact that agents can have on customers. You can create call montages that are engaging and useful. 

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How To Improve Call Center Operations

Smoother operations in a call center environment can lead to more success across your organization. There are several useful customer satisfaction metrics and agent performance metrics that can improve your understanding of what makes call center operations effective.

One of the most important metrics to look at is the first call resolution. This refers to how often your customers’ issues are resolved after the first contact made with your call center. The importance of first call resolution cannot be overstated. Your organization can employ first call resolution best practices to improve your call center operations. 

Now, what affects first call resolution? Typically, things such as delays, long hold times, and inefficiencies can greatly hurt your first call resolution. If your customers tend to encounter very complex problems, it can also result in more escalated calls, follow-ups, and calls being cut short. 

If you are having trouble with the question of how to scale, how to improve customer experience, or how to improve call center operations, you can use customer experience software to gain valuable customer experience analytics. New, actionable data can lead to valuable improvements for your organization. 

Using the power of artificial intelligence can effectively catapult your organization into a future of success. Innovations in machines have created more opportunities for healthcare organizations. AI can improve call center customer experience by interpreting customer feedback and conversations automatically, creating transcripts, categorizing your calls, and evaluating agent performance. 

By collecting data on your call center calls and generating actionable insights for you, your organization can make the necessary changes to improve the way you interact with customers. You can find out why your customers and agents fail to have the call resolved in the first place, what are the common issues and disruptions, and more. 

Why Is Quality Assurance Important In A Call Center

Now the question is, why is quality assurance important in a call center, especially for healthcare call centers? The short answer is you want a more consistent and pleasant customer experience. The higher your customer satisfaction score, the more likely your organization is to succeed and meet its goals.

Happy customers have a higher chance of being loyal to your brand, spreading word of mouth that your company is superior, and spending money continuously with you. Customer satisfaction measurement surveys and tools can help you get an idea of how well you are serving your customers. 

With the help of call center metrics software, you can boost your agent performance and monitor your healthcare call center metrics more effectively and accurately. 

Call Center Quality Assurance Solutions

Authenticx is here to help you. Of all center quality assurance solutions and call center quality assurance platform options, the quality monitoring tool offered by Authenticx can be an amazing choice for your organization.

Authenticx’s call center quality assurance software can assist you in improving your metrics and reporting on your contact center agents’ performance. You can identify problems more easily and figure out how you can coach and provide feedback to your agents in a meaningful way.

The Authenticx platform is built from healthcare, for healthcare. There are many missed opportunities for advancement and improvement when it comes to call centers – Authenticx facilitates the collecting of data, monitoring of agent performance, and improvement of your organization.

You can also scale conveniently with Authenticx, which means that as you grow or make changes to your agent roster, you can easily make the necessary adjustments without worrying about losing your Authenticx software platform. 

Authenticx helps organizations better understand and engage with the most prominent stories and issues brought up by their customers. Organizations with diverse clients can more easily gain context and insights into things that surveys and NPS often miss. In addition, you can combine data across silos, channels, as well as teams for the most effective and convenient data-gathering process.

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