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Methods Of Obtaining Customer Feedback

Gathering customer feedback can be one of the more difficult aspects of running a successful business. Depending on the industry, some methods of obtaining customer feedback may be more straightforward than others.

In certain industries, customers can leave public or private reviews, which the business can use to its advantage. If the reviews are favorable, they can be used for marketing. If the reviews are constructive, they could instead be used to examine internal processes to determine what could be improved for next time. Both positive and negative feedback is essential to businesses of every kind in order to help them grow. 

Why is customer feedback important to an organization? Without the feedback of the individuals who are actually impacted by an organization’s treatment of them, it would be easy for the leaders of a business to feel like they were operating in an echo chamber.

What is customer feedback? Let’s take a hospital, for example. Even though hospitals are there for the public good, they are still businesses that need to maintain a healthy provider-patient relationship. If a patient calls multiple times in regard to a treatment issue, describes their issue, gives negative feedback, and their problem is never resolved, that patient will find another healthcare provider.

Suppose a healthcare provider, or a business of any kind, does not record their positive and negative feedback or chooses not to listen to that feedback. In that case, they will soon not have any customers, and their business will fail. The failure to listen to feedback resulting in the closure of business roughly answers the question, “Why is customer feedback important?”

Customer feedback is information provided by customers about their experience with a company’s product or service. It doesn’t only occur via public review websites or in calls with customer specialists. Customer feedback can also be shared in text, email, social media posts, or any other form of customer communication with the organization. 

Customer Feedback Tools

Many methods of obtaining customer feedback can take much time. Gathering that feedback can be a bit of a complicated process, which takes up a lot of manual administration time – especially if no customer feedback tools are used.

Creating a customer feedback survey can take a lot of time, and then there’s always the risk that not enough customers will answer to garner any statistically meaningful results. The same is true when creating a customer feedback form on your website. While it’s beneficial to gather customer feedback from many different sources, creating special avenues for customer feedback does not always have the desired results. 

Instead, organizations can use Authenticx to capture customer feedback that is already occurring rather than create new channels. Businesses wondering how to get feedback from customers online are probably already receiving feedback – they just don’t realize that because of the format it’s in.

Emails, texts, audio calls, and chatbots are all forms where customer feedback can be recorded. By using Authenticx to take advantage of the customer feedback they are already receiving through customers’ regular interactions with their businesses, they can save time and money instead of creating new ways of gathering feedback.

Customer Feedback Examples

Good customer feedback examples don’t always have to be positive. Organizations and businesses, especially healthcare providers, can learn just as much from negative feedback as they can from positive. In fact, in many cases, negative feedback is more valuable than positive feedback because there are more insights to be gained from negative feedback.

In customer feedback examples where patients share that they have had to be transferred three times in order to have a question answered, the healthcare provider learns that their phone staff needs more training on a particular subject.

Rather than ignore this feedback and eventually lose the patient as a customer, the healthcare provider can give the phone staff the training they need to keep that customer and prevent other patients from feeling the same way in the future. 

Positive feedback to manager examples would include those where customers state that they felt well taken care of or that a phone staff (in the case of a call center customer service representative situation) had helped them well.

Organizations utilizing Authenticx to manage their customer feedback data can acquire all sorts of insights about their customer service departments and how to change or improve the customer experience as a whole. Using Authenticx is much more efficient than taking the time to create customer feedback questions & examples of what sort of information to look for. 

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Methods Of Gathering Feedback

Authenticx is one of those meaningful methods of gathering feedback that provides you with actionable insights based on customer interactions that are already happening. Through Authenticx’s Speech Analyticx feature, a conversational data AI can determine exactly what your customers are saying, what topics they are discussing, and how they feel about those topics.

Your customers and clients are important stakeholders in your business. Without at least gathering and measuring the data gained from interactions with them, it can be difficult to identify what aspects of your business are working as they should and which processes need to be reworked.

Instead of using manual methods of gathering feedback from stakeholders, Authenticx uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to aggregate and analyze customer feedback. From there, it’s up to the business to listen to their customers’ voices and activate their stories into actionable, personalized change. 

There are multiple reasons that businesses should gather customer feedback & answers. Customer feedback can be used to improve several vital points of customer interaction, such as customer service and experience, operations, compliance, and marketing. When using Authenticx to gather customer feedback, digital marketing campaigns can feature real customers’ actual stories and voices (with their consent, of course). 

Types Of Customer Feedback

There are various types of methods of obtaining customer feedback and multiple types of customer feedback. Depending on the purpose, feedback categories can be divided into several different ways. Customer service comments could be divided based on source or topic.

In Authenticx, Smart Sample allows users to search for customer comments based on topics, sentiments, themes, problems, or questions. The data is collected and sorted by artificial intelligence, giving businesses focused and actionable insights into specific business challenges that they seek to resolve. 

Authenticx partners with healthcare organizations and can help them identify recurring issues or Eddy Effects. Eddy effects are seemingly unresolved issues in the customer journey that bounce a patient back to the beginning of their problem-solving process.

Eddy effects create leaks in your pipeline and can be a source of customer frustration and loss. Authenticx can help healthcare organizations identify and resolve these eddy effects, streamlining the customer journey and improving the overall patient experience. 

Customer feedback can also be broken into two other categories: negative and positive. Both types of feedback are incredibly important and should be valued by every organization. Authenticx can also sort for feedback based on customer sentiment, giving healthcare providers an inside look as to how their patients actually feel.

Customer Feedback Management

Customer feedback management can be an arduous process. Creating channels, recording, filing, and organizing customer feedback can use a lot of administrative time. Then there’s the question of how customer feedback could be used.

Authenticx gives healthcare providers the context they need to make active changes to their processes in order to improve the customer experience and help make their business healthier overall. When asking how to use customer feedback, it’s important also to consider the systems and processes of the customer feedback. Is there a way that those systems could operate differently? What are the costs associated with that? Authenticx gives healthcare organizations all the information they need to improve their operations and customer experience.

Since Authenticx can organize customer feedback themes, healthcare providers can look at all topics being discussed relative to their business. If they’ve noticed an increase in complaints due to waiting times, analyzing and referencing the feedback that explicitly mentions wait times would be a good place to start for identifying a solution. Authenticx also features an Eddy Effect dashboard to quickly identify what kind of complaints are being made most frequently, helping businesses to resolve issues before they get out of control. 

Types Of Customer Feedback Methods

Many businesses and healthcare providers wonder how to ask for customer feedback, not realizing that your customers are giving you feedback almost every day. Using conversational data AI is one of the most creative ways to collect feedback because it limits administrative time and effort to use, with a huge ROI potential.

Authenticx can give providers the analytic results of all the types of customer feedback methods in the same place. Instead of wondering how to get customer feedback, healthcare providers can focus on what to do with the feedback they already receive. 

While there are multiple customer feedback methods, from chatbots to email, text messages, and audio calls, customer feedback is always important. Utilizing the insights gained from analyzing customer feedback can significantly improve experience and operations.

Many businesses need a tool to help properly sort, analyze, and organize customer feedback in the most efficient manner. Healthcare professionals created Authenticx for healthcare providers because they know that the valuable feedback received from customers could help make business changes at every level to improve customer experience, retention, and revenue. 

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