VP of Talent Darron Lasley Recognized as ‘HR Impact Award Honoree’  

Indianapolis Business Journal and announced HR Impact Award honorees.

Authenticx VP of Talent Darron Lasley was recognized by the Indianapolis Business Journal as an HR Impact Award honoree at a celebratory breakfast event hosted in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Darron was recognized alongside other individuals across the following business categories: diversity and inclusion, talent recruitment, employee experience, and training and development. Specifically, Darron was recognized for his efforts to recruit diverse talent and/or retain and promote that talent. View the full list of honorees here.

What is IBJ’s HR Impact Awards?

IBJ honors the work that goes into creating a great team at all types of organizations by honoring companies, agencies, and not-for-profits, as well as specific human resources people and teams.

Darron’s Impact at Authenticx

Darron Lasley joined Authenticx in June of 2021. Since that time, he has scaled the team by 4x to support the company’s massive growth, and he’s done so with an intentional focus on DEI.  Darron’s efforts have helped Authenticx be very intentional about providing a space where people are free to be who they really are, while fostering awareness, understanding, and respect for ourselves and others. This is beneficial to the individuals, our company, and the clients we serve on our mission to improve the healthcare industry and to improve people’s lives.  

In his role, Darron doesn’t shy away from important diversity topics that can be difficult, complex, or uncomfortable. Instead, he leans into them to create awareness, understanding, and appreciation.  Because of Darron’s efforts, Authenticx leadership has become more aware and intentional about inclusion across the organization. Understanding the unique makeup of the Authenticx team – their backgrounds, their cultures, and how both impact their perceptions and needs – has led leadership to update corporate policies and ensure we’re reflecting our team’s culture and diversity in our physical space.    

Want to learn more about Darron? See his profile with Indianapolis Business Journal here.

Authenticx in Action | On-Demand Video

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Authenticx is the new standard for humanizing conversational intelligence in healthcare by analyzing millions of customer interactions (like voice, chat, or emails) to surface immersive and intelligent insights at scale. Authenticx was founded to aggregate, analyze and activate customer interaction data to surface transformational opportunities in healthcare. Using existing data that’s likely being stored and ignored in your organization, Authenticx reveals hidden barriers, motivators, and strategies so healthcare organizations can make confident, data-backed decisions. 

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