Pharma USA 2024

Reuters Events: Pharma USA 2024 is where senior pharma executives from commercial, marketing, medical affairs, RWE, market access, patient engagement, as well as healthcare key stakeholders, come together to map out how they can deliver value to overcome the challenges that threaten the future viability of innovation.   

To strategically adapt to the market and to meet patient needs, life science companies must continually innovate.  

Authenticx listens at scale to patient interactions with artificial intelligence to unlock insights with contextual reporting. Our life science customers have seen improved patient retention, increased operational efficiencies, the ability to mitigate risk, and a reduction in compliance observations.  

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Authenticx was founded to analyze and activate customer interaction data at scale. Why? We wanted to reveal transformational opportunities in healthcare. We are on a mission to help humans understand humans. With a combined 100+ years of leadership experience in pharma, payer, and healthcare organizations, we know first-hand the challenges and opportunities that our clients face because we’ve been in your shoes.

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