Podcast Episodes Featuring Authenticx Voices in 2022

Catch up on podcast episodes featuring Authenticx voices in 2022.

Amazing Business Radio: The Power of Listening to Your Customers

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO at Authenticx, recently was a guest on the Amazing Business Radio podcast.

Amy Brown joined Shep Hyken to discuss the power of listening and how conversational data can be leveraged to enhance the customer experience. Specifically, the duo discussed Authenticx’s Customer Voices Report and how organizations can use data to drive customer experience strategies.

“The idea behind surveys was right. And the idea was: Industry said, ‘hey we need to listen to our customers and get feedback.’ And that’s not a bad thing. The thing that is unfortunate about the method of surveying customers is it puts the burden back on the customer to tell the company what the company wants to hear. When they should already know their customer with the appropriate tools they already have.”

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO at Authenticx

The Startup Executive: The #1 Question That Will Fast Track Your Career Into a Leadership Role, with Sam Estes at Authenticx

Sam Estes, Senior Vice President at Authenticx, recently was a guest on the The Startup Executive podcast.

Sam Estes joins host Grayson Faircloth for a discussion about the first and most important avenue for the growth and development of leaders. Sam shares his leadership journey, the challenges of coming from a more established company to a startup, and the role of the company’s environment and culture in long term success.

The Patients Speak: With Amy Brown at Authenticx

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO at Authenticx, recently was a guest on the The Patient Speaks podcast.

Listen in to this conversation with Amy Brown and Mark Stinson that focuses on new technologies and new platforms to improve our listening, how we really hear the patient voice, and ways to understand the emotions behind that experience.

Tune in to this episode to listen more to the science and business aspects of innovation in the world of medicine.

“You know, one of the biggest insights we’ve been able to glean, because we listen to provider interactions, payor interactions, pharmaceutical company interactions, is that the patient is lost between the three. They are left on their own to navigate between those three verticals, and the more that healthcare executives can broaden their view and their lens to understand the other barriers and hoops that patients have to jump through, the more they can agree to a smoother, more streamlined process for patients that sets them up for success.”

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO at Authenticx

Outcomes Rocket: Customer Voices as a Data Source with Amy Brown

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO at Authenticx, recently was a guest on the Outcomes Rocket Network podcast.

Never underestimate the power of conversational data. In this episode, Amy Brown, Founder & CEO of Authenticx, talks about the power of listening and conversational data in healthcare. After having worked in teams that led conversations with tens of thousands of patients and providers daily, Amy was inspired to start Authenticx by how those micro conversations, when pieced together, might contain really important insights that could fuel change within healthcare.

Tune in to this episode to listen about how Authenticx is giving value to customer voices as a data source!

Straight Outta Health IT: Lessons in Leadership & Entrepreneurship From A Woman’s Perspective with Amy Brown

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO at Authenticx, recently was a guest on the Straight Outta Health IT podcast.

Women Leaders & Influencers in Healthcare. Amy Brown has over 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors, working in healthcare, public relations, startup management, policy development, quality improvement, and insurance operations. She came by Straight Outta Health IT to share her knowledge not only as a health tech leader but as a businesswoman at the forefront of advancements in our industry. She recalls her work in the government and how she took a leap of faith in her entrepreneurial endeavors.

Healthcare Americana: Authentic Solutions for Patient and Healthcare Workers with Authenticx CEO Amy Brown

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO at Authenticx, recently gave an interview with Healthcare Americana Podcast. The discussion is focused around Amy’s passion for social work and experience in a business background, and how that impacts the importance of creating a way to record customer interactions occurring in real-time to understand what matters most to customers. She shares how Authenticx uses emails, calls, & chats with artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) tools to pinpoint insights from conversations to really understand customer voices.

“So the reality is whether a patient or consumer says I’m giving you feedback or not is irrelevant. They’re telling you why they contacted you, they’re telling you what their problems are, they’re telling you what they wish you would do for them. And that is all unsolicited feedback that flows inside healthcare enterprises every single day.”

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO at Authenticx

The Business of Healthcare: Machines That Help Humans Understand Humans with Authenticx CEO Amy Brown

Amy Brown, founder and CEO Authenticx, was a guest on the Business of Healthcare podcast. She joins show host Dr. Bob Kaiser for a look into how the machine learning tools at Authenticx can help healthcare leaders process customer feedback at scale — phone calls can number in the millions — and break them down to provide direction for improving the customer experience. Listen to the 30-minute conversation.

HealthBiz with David E. Williams: An Interview with Authenticx CEO Amy Brown

Amy Brown’s background in social work and public policy turned out to be  ideal  preparation to lead Authenticx. The company ‘humanizes conversational intelligence in healthcare. to reduce compliance risks and inform the FDA about adverse events.

The HealthBiz podcast features in-depth interviews on healthcare business, technology and policy with entrepreneurs and CEOs. Host David E. Williams is president of healthcare strategy consulting boutique Health Business Group, a board member and investor in private healthcare companies, and author of the Health Business Blog. His strategic and humorous approach to healthcare provides a refreshing break from the usual BS.

Compliance Conversations Podcast | Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Compliance with Amy Brown of Authenticx

In this episode, you’ll learn how AI is used to reduce compliance risks and inform the FDA about adverse events. Compliance Conversations by Healthicity is a podcast for healthcare professionals and compliance officers who want to stay on top of the compliance game. Host CJ Wolf has in-depth conversations with industry experts to explore the riddles and complexities of the compliance world.

“Compliance is never a black and white matter in conversations, there’s a lot left to interpretation and how to best move forward.”

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO at Authenticx

Faces of Digital Health Podcast | Voice Tech: How Well Are you Listening to Your Customers? With Amy Brown of Authenticx

Voice could be called one of the exciting new avenues for medicine and healthcare. In this 40-minute discussion, Amy Brown discusses the power of voice, data-backed storytelling, and how AI technology is having an impact on these conversations.

The Faces of Digital Health podcast is a podcast about digital health and how healthcare systems adopt technologies to understand healthcare better.

Value Builders Podcast | Leslie Pagel of Authenticx on listening to understand, advocating for customers within a company, and embracing interaction data in the next wave of customer experience innovation

On this podcast episode on the Value Builders Podcast, Leslie highlights what a customer-centric culture actually looks like by breaking down the two key principles of effective customer experience strategy – listening to understand and the responsibility of advocating for customers.  She elaborates on how these two key principles are essential for weaving the customer into the fabric of a company.  Additionally, Leslie talks about the work she and the team at Authenticx are doing to innovate in the customer experience space. 

The Value Builders podcast is an ongoing conversation about the evolving role of value creation in business relationships. Explore conversations with today’s most critical thinkers and innovative executives who are revitalizing the business community with cutting-edge leadership techniques, visionary commercial and social business models, outcome-based strategies, and community-changing initiatives all in the name of value building.

“When you think about customer experience, a key part of that function is customer understanding and listening.”

Leslie Pagel, CCO at Authenticx

Elate Rising Ops Podcast | The Balance of Efficiency and Culture in Operations with COO Kip Zurcher

On this podcast episode of Aspiring Ops, Kip highlights his journey into the COO role, and how his range of experiences from Fortune 500 companies to startups shaped his approach to the position. Kip also shares how he balances the pressures of driving efficiency and scalability with a culture-driven approach. For those Aspiring Operations leaders, Kip closes out the episode with three unique pieces of advice he would share with anyone early in their career. 

“COOs are always under pressure to figure out how to avoid more spending, introducing automation, finding different efficiencies in the organization, and introducing new ways to find speed to value for our clients, as well as for our own teams,” Kip shares. “All of these thoughts are always fundamental to operations, and as a leader we have to figure out how we balance all of those pressures of what we are trying to find with maintaining a high level of employee engagement, and a culture that we’re proud of.” 

Kip Zurcher, COO at Authenticx

Touch Point Podcast | Designing a Voice of Customer Program with CEO Amy Brown

On this podcast episode of Touch Point, Amy discusses the voice of the customer. Healthcare organizations are transforming their patient experience measurements away from simple surveys to more sophisticated voice of customer programs. In this episode, Reed Smith and Chris Boyer share some of the pitfalls with survey-based measurement, and how to embrace predictive customer insight. They are joined by Amy Brown, CEO of Authenticx, who shares how truly listening to the “voice of customer” in context of conversations helps to uncover hidden areas impacting the overall patient experience.  

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