Preparing Call Centers for Competitor Brand Messaging

A biopharmaceutical company wanted to listen to the language around a specific branded medication to determine what therapy alternatives were discussed. Since annual coverage changes were occurring, they needed to capture what call center specialists were saying to callers and understand what the patients were asking regarding potential therapy changes and coverage.

Authenticx in Action  

Over the course of several months, analysts listened to over 175 calls that were identified via conversational intelligence tools that mentioned competitor medications. 

Authenticx found that some specialists were not familiar with talking points around potential changes, which highlighted opportunities around training and coaching. We also provided high-level insights into patient sentiment around potential changes, in addition to what resources had been beneficial in supporting patient comprehension of therapy alternatives. These insights included the following: 


Throughout the insight sessions, Authenticx provided weekly examples to highlight opportunities and best practices with specialists utilizing talking points. The teams worked on call exercises with the specialists – such as role play and leveraging access to audio montages from Authenticx – to help them hear common scenarios and responses. This allowed the specialists to understand how they were listening and how to improve responses to remain within the appropriate talking points.  

Authenticx is continuing to listen at scale for strategic insights around quantitative data and answering questions around patient-centricity, such as how the insurance provider is communicating potential changes to coverage concerning competitor medication options.  

If the biopharmaceutical company didn’t utilize Authenticx to listen to conversations around competitor medication options, then they wouldn’t have been able to locate the communication breakdowns causing confusion for patients.  

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