The Insights Gap Between Operations and Marketing

As an operations leader for the past 20 years, I always had responsibilities for the front line teams who communicated with our customers on a daily basis.

A couple of years ago, as I was serving as COO for an international travel medical insurance company, something simple and yet profound dawned on me.

You see, as customers were calling to ask questions about their medical benefits or check on their claim, they were saying other things too…..like, how our benefits helped save their life…or what their experience with a competitor was like….or what information they wished our customer portal could provide them so they wouldn’t have to call in the first place.

Customers weren’t offering up this feedback because our customer service team asked them…they did so because they were simply having a conversation and freely sharing this information as a part of that dialogue with my team.

And this is when the light bulb moment hit me: the customer interaction data that is generated and stored in operations is relevant for marketing! And the more I studied the content of these interactions, the more I realized that the data could serve other teams such as sales, product development, and compliance too! 

The challenge was, we didn’t have a systematic way to pull those insights out of operations and over to our colleagues in these other departments. 

This is the case with most companies we work with today. And, in their need for customer insight and testimonials, marketing and sales teams are soliciting feedback….as customers, we’ve all been asked to rate a company on a 5 point scale or complete a survey or post a review.   

These tools are not bad, but let’s face it…. customers have already given companies their time and money.  Now we are giving them the burden to tell us how their experience was?  There is a less-burdensome way to glean deeper, more relevant customer insights; and the good news is, most companies already own this treasure trove. 

Authenticx was founded to unleash the rich insights that are locked up in operations and build the bridge that connects them to the rest of the organization in a systematic, repeatable way. Request a demo today

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