CFO Kip Zurcher Recognized as ‘CFO of the Year’  

Indianapolis Business Journal announces CFO of the Year honorees.

Authenticx CFO Kip Zurcher was recognized by the Indianapolis Business Journal with a CFO of the Year award at a celebratory breakfast event hosted in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Kip was recognized alongside 11 other individuals across 4 business categories.

Kip Zurcher recognized as Authenticx CFO of the Year

What is IBJ’s CFO of the Year?

IBJ launched its CFO of the Year recognition program in 2008 to spotlight the crucial role that top financial executives play in helping Indiana companies, government agencies and not-for-profits develop strategy and flourish. 

Kip’s Impact at Authenticx

When Kip arrived on the scene at Authenticx in 2020, he was already a 20-year veteran CFO. He has been an executive leader in biotech startups, Fortune 500 companies, tech, and insurance.  Kip successfully led Authenticx through a Series A in 2021 and Series B in 2022. It was his analysis, modeling, and expertise that provided tremendous credibility to our financial stewardship and the data to prove why Authenticx can continue growing 2x year-over-year.   

Kip has the ability to relate to people at all levels of our business and take in vague or even imprecise information to drive everything from pricing models to forecasts and growth strategies to cost/benefit analysis – all of which provide the Authenticx team with the backbone and the confidence needed to execute. 

“Kip Zurcher is the ultimate operational CFO—I’ve never seen anyone else in my 25-year career translate the realities of the market, industry, and stage of business into actionable and challenging but achievable growth strategy the way Kip can.” 

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO
Authenticx On-Demand


Authenticx is the new standard for humanizing conversational intelligence in healthcare by analyzing millions of customer interactions (like voice, chat, or emails) to surface immersive and intelligent insights at scale. Authenticx was founded to aggregate, analyze and activate customer interaction data to surface transformational opportunities in healthcare. Using existing data that’s likely being stored and ignored in your organization, Authenticx reveals hidden barriers, motivators, and strategies so healthcare organizations can make confident, data-backed decisions. In 2023, Authenticx was ranked No. 349 on the Inc. 5000 recognized as one of America and Indiana’s fastest-growing private companies.

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