Authenticx Reports Significant Growth in 2023, Doubling Customer Count 

Conversational AI leader doubles ARR and customers in 2023, fueled by product innovation and team expansion.

Authenticx, the new standard in healthcare for listening to customer voices at scale, ends 2023 on a high note after building on its 2022 momentum and enhancing its conversational AI models.  

Authenticx’s year of significant growth started with a $20M Series B funding round to expand the business, fuel sales and innovate the features of its robust conversational intelligence platform.  

Since January, Authenticx has increased its staff headcount by 27%. The company also appointed industry veteran Eric Prugh as the organization’s first Chief Product Officer, welcomed Todd Pedersen as Chief Strategist, and created a Chief Evangelist role headed by Leslie Pagel. 

In addition to increasing staff, Authenticx grew its ARR by roughly 2x and doubled its customer count, primarily consisting of large healthcare enterprises. This expansion resulted in a 400% increase in total users in 2023. Authenticx’s growth earned it recognition as No. 349 on the Inc. 5000, a list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. 

“Our aim is to shape the next era of customer listening into one that both prioritizes patients and caregivers and benefits the companies that serve them. Our healthcare system is complex and confusing for those trying to navigate it. The crushing complexity disrupts the patient experience and impacts the bottom line for businesses. The growth we’ve experienced this year enables us to serve more healthcare organizations, hear more stories from real customers, pinpoint areas of frustration along the customer journey and offer leaders insights to resolve them.” 

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO

In 2023, Authenticx hosted its inaugural Voices23 Summit, convening healthcare leaders from provider, payer, and life sciences organizations to discuss making industry change through conversation-driven insights. At the event, Authenticx also released new data from the fourth edition of its Customer Voices in Healthcare Report, an in-depth review of the customer journey and where it is most impacted by conversational AI.   

Authenticx remains committed to offering high-quality, robust conversational intelligence solutions. In 2023, the company enhanced its platform by: 

  • Introducing Conversation Explorer: Streamlines customer voice analysis and contextual insights into agent performance and process inefficiencies. 
  • Augmenting APIs: Integrates rich customer insights and conversational data into other business systems for unified insights and decision-making. 
  • Refining Eddy Effect AI Model: Enables users to pinpoint conversational cues that trigger AI identification of customer friction points. 
  • Developing New AI Models: Safety Event and Acknowledgement AI model for pharmaceutical compliance and HIPAA-sensitive information verification model for contact centers. 
  • Prioritizing Platform Optimization: Ongoing refinements to Transcription, Summarization, and UI, including Spanish-to-English translation support.  

In addition to company-wide recognition, two Authenticx employees were honored for personal excellence. Julie Gallina received TechPoint’s Tech 25 award, which acknowledges exceptional and dedicated individuals in the Indianapolis technology community. IBJ recognized Kip Zurcher as one of its CFO of the Year honorees, recognizing Indiana’s top financial executives helping their companies flourish.  

“One of our basic human desires is to feel heard and understood. Our mission is to help foster that understanding throughout the healthcare journey. We will continue innovating, improving and working toward that goal in 2024 and beyond,” said Brown.  

Healthcare CX with AI | 2023 Customer Voices Report


Authenticx is the new standard for humanizing conversational intelligence in healthcare by analyzing millions of customer interactions (like voice, chat, or emails) to surface immersive and intelligent insights at scale. Authenticx was founded to aggregate, analyze and activate customer interaction data to surface transformational opportunities in healthcare. Using existing data that’s likely being stored and ignored in your organization, Authenticx reveals hidden barriers, motivators, and strategies so healthcare organizations can make confident, data-backed decisions. In 2023, Authenticx was ranked No. 349 on the Inc. 5000 recognized as one of America and Indiana’s fastest-growing private companies.

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