Podcast Episodes Featuring Authenticx Voices in 2023

Catch up on podcast episodes featuring Authenticx voices in 2023.

Slice of Healthcare Podcast: Amy Brown – Founder and CEO – Authenticx

Authenticx Founder and CEO, Amy Brown recently joined host Jared Taylor on the Slice of Healthcare Podcast.

In this episode, Any and Jared discuss Amy’s healthcare background, the creation of Authenticx, the importance of speech analytics in healthcare, technology’s role in using conversational data to improve patient experiences, and what’s next for Authenticx.

“We believe that conversational data is much more contextual, it’s more representative of the truth, and you’re going to hear things in a very different way than you would if you were just relying on a survey score and maybe a note or two. “

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO, Authenticx

This Week In Voice Podcast: Amy Brown – Founder and CEO – Authenticx

Authenticx Founder and CEO, Amy Brown recently joined host Bradley Metrock, CEO of Project Voice and General Partner of Project Voice Capital Partners on the This Week in Voice podcast.

In this episode of This Week in Voice, Bradley invited Amy and other AI/conversational intelligence leaders to share their thoughts on recent technology and AI news, including GPT-4, generative AI, voice assistance, and Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. You can also listen on Apple Podcasts.

“I just see a huge opportunity for the business application [of voice assistance] to improve significantly. In our business, we do a lot of ingesting – not only human to human converations – but human to bot conversations, and the level of frustration [with bots] is palpable on the part of the consumers that are trying to engage.”

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO, Authenticx

Life Science Success Podcast: Amy Brown – Founder and CEO – Authenticx

Authenticx Founder and CEO, Amy Brown recently joined host Don Davis, PhD on the Life Sciences Success podcast.

In this episode of Life Science Success, Amy and Don discuss her experience and perspective as an executive with 20 years of public and private sector experience in health care public relations, startup management, policy development, quality improvement, and insurance operations.

“When you zoom above and look at it all you see a really crushing level of complexity that are affecting the organization’s ability to live out their potential with the value proposition they have because they’re dependent on the other pillars of the space and complexity of that.

And then you zoom into individual patient voices we’re surfacing and just every day we’re seeing the crushing nature of this complexity on patients.”

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO, Authenticx

AHA Associates Bringing Value Podcast: Enhancing the Patient Experience Through Employee Conversations with Leslie Pagel

Authenticx Chief Evangelist, Leslie Pagel, and Rachelle Tardy, Director of Clinical Outcomes & Care Integration for Eskenazi Health recently joined host Kathleen Wessel on the AHA Associates Bringing Value Podcast.  

Their discussion centered on building a superior patient experience by starting with the hospital workforce. Providing employees with the needed tools, training, and resources can have an enormous impact. This podcast explains the power of listening to employee and patient voices and how these insights can inform patient experience strategy. 

“Listening to these conversations has really opened new channels of insights for our team, as I’ve shared, we have had the ability to take action and empower and equip employees so that they actually have the needed resources and tools to really serve our patient population. This has provided opportunities to enact change which is so very exciting in healthcare.”

Rachelle Tardy, Director of Clinical Outcomes & Care Integration for Eskenazi Health

IBJ Podcast: Amy Brown’s unusual route from family studies to tech CEO

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO at Authenticx, recently was a guest on the IBJ Podcast hosted by Mason King.

In this week’s edition of the IBJ Podcast, Brown discusses what it took to bootstrap Authenticx and get it off the ground, including her desire to inspire her four children. She also sheds light on the experience of persuading venture capitalists to invest in Authenticx, including one distinction in her presentations that she said was invaluable.

Join Amy and Mason in this conversation as she shares her success journey and how Authenticx is looking forward. You can also listen at iTunesGoogle PlayTune In, Spotify and anyplace you find podcasts.

Scared Confident: The Myth of Control with Amy Brown at Authenticx

Amy Brown, Founder & CEO at Authenticx, recently was a guest on the Scared Confident podcast hosted by Tiffany Sauder.

When Tiffany met Amy Brown, Amy was free-falling. A 42-year-old mother of four, she recently took a leap of faith, leaving her stable corporate job in order to pursue her entrepreneurial passion and teach her children the power of sacrifice, hard work and living with intention. She is a social work-educated entrepreneur and the founder of Authenticx, a healthcare organization that helps humans understand humans through conversational intelligence.

Join Amy and Tiffany in this intimate conversation as she shares her success journey, how fear and vulnerability can create transformation, and claiming authenticity as your own personal superpower.

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