2023 Most Popular Healthcare Resources from Authenticx

2023 was a year of evolution and innovation across healthcare – and the most popular healthcare resources and topics from Authenticx mirror this industry movement.

Healthcare continues to establish processes and strategies while adopting new technology and tools as the industry welcomes improved efficiencies and efficacies. Focusing on customer experience (CX), more companies are continuing to implement a customer-centric approach to their business objectives and the customer journey.

In 2023, we introduced the next era of customer listening, helping improve and enhance outcomes across the customer-business relationship — such as with agent training, conversational data feedback, data visualizations, and customized and shareable dashboards. We have also seen healthcare move away from traditional customer surveys (like NPS, CSAT, and HCAHPS) to an intentional listening solution that amplifies the voice of the customer (VoC) at scale with AI, machine learning, and other technological innovations.

2023 showed that customers are talking, want to be heard, and organizations are ready to listen.

Organizations are searching for solutions that optimize processes and help their employees and customers alike have positive experiences – improving retention, sentiment, brand perception, and reducing churn and burnout. AI and intelligent listening platforms like Authenticx are helping company leaders manage their business outcomes to align with their customers’ and employees’ needs with actionable insights. However, it’s crucial to understand that AI is collaborative – meaning it requires human support and insight to create action for impactful change.

As 2023 closes, we look back on our most popular healthcare resources from Authenticx and topics that resonated most with readers. Our most popular content echoed how healthcare organizations are ready to listen to the VoC with tools and processes that go beyond traditional, survey-based methods to improve the customer journey, namely in the contact center and for insurance.

Check out Authenticx’s most popular healthcare resources that resonated with readers this year:

1. Improve Health Insurance Call Center Scripts by Listening at Scale

For many healthcare organizations, contact centers are on the front line of disruptions in the customer journey. Health insurance call center scripts can help improve contact center leaders and agents by listening at scale to drive contact center efficiencies and effectiveness. Read the article.

Improve Health Insurance Call Center Scripts by Listening at Scale | Authenticx
3 Best Practices to Improving Sentiment Analysis Scores in Your Call Center | Authenticx

2. 3 Best Practices to Improving Sentiment Analysis Scores in Your Call Center

In call centers, sentiment analysis can be an important way to gauge customer interactions and learn insights about their experience with your organization. Understanding tone and emotions gives call center leaders valuable context in monitoring performance and ensuring quality assurance. Read the article.

3. Using AI in Healthcare: Medicare and Medicaid Data

Medicare and Medicaid members matter because the gaps in care and complexities within healthcare often affect the most vulnerable and sensitive populations. With the rise in popularity of generative AI tools, learn how AI impacts these insurance members by providing insights from unsolicited data for these specific patient conversations. Read the article.

Using AI in Healthcare Medicare and Medicaid | Authenticx
Unsolicited Feedback Guide, Transform CX with Conversational Data | Authenticx

4. The Ultimate Guide to Unsolicited Feedback: Transform CX with Conversational Data

Honest customer thoughts and feelings already exist within the conversational data being stored in your organization. This guide defines unsolicited feedback and exemplifies how it can be an actionable (and integral) tool to unlock listening at scale. Download the Guide.

5. The Cost of NPS

NPS relies on outdated methodology and limited data sets that fail to capture the whole patient journey. In healthcare, costs are compounded and increase the risk of sensitive, personal, and complex problems. Go beyond NPS surveys and start to ask the right questions to make informed decisions and improve CX. Read the article.

The Cost of NPS | Authenticx

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