Preventing Refill Delays Amid Supply Chain Disruption

A top-ten life sciences manufacturer was concerned about the potential for a labor strike involving UPS and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the union representing more than 300,000 UPS employees in the U.S. Because the strike had the possibility to begin at any moment, it was essential for the organization to quickly understand and develop a plan to address the refill barriers its patients could face as UPS was the main delivery source for medication refills. 

Authenticx in Action  

Immediately after learning about the potential strike, Authenticx began a full-universe call analysis around the topic. Within the Authenticx platform, they enabled AI classifiers to target listening down to a specific word, finding calls that contained words and phrases like “UPS,” “strike,” and “delivery delay.”  

Over the course of three weeks, Authenticx insights identified that nearly 1% of all calls analyzed contained these classifiers — and in each case, patients were concerned about their upcoming refill becoming delayed. Within those calls, nearly three quarters of all patients requested expedited refills, noting that their indicated shipment date coincided with the potential strike. It was clear that this was not just an isolated issue — and it had the potential to severely disrupt the patient experience


In response to these callers, the manufacturer’s Hub agents indicated that they were monitoring the potential for the need for an alternative delivery method. By analyzing and activating customer voices, Authenticx painted a powerful picture to the organization’s leadership team so they felt prepared to take action. 

Armed with these insights, the organization created and shared proactive, single-voice talking points for agents and partners to utilize should a UPS strike occur. This helped prevent patient and caregiver confusion and concern, while allowing for reassurance and confidence in the program experience

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