Why the Eddy Effect Matters

Nearly 33% of customers are stuck in their customer journey and it’s costing healthcare companies millions of dollars each year.

Why? The US healthcare system is complex. Every consumer has to engage with multiple parties along their healthcare journey, including healthcare providers, insurance companies, and pharmacies. All of these stops along the way are primed to wreak havoc on customer experience.

For example, when you book a flight with three connections, you are three times more likely to miss your flight or have delays than with a direct flight. It’s the same with the healthcare customer journey. With numerous handoffs and complicated processes, there are more opportunities for people to fall through the cracks.

For a healthcare company that handles 100,000 customer contacts per month, these CX breakdowns cost the organization an average of $72,000 a month.

This waste is the result of the Eddy Effect and it’s a tremendous problem for healthcare.

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The Eddy Effect Generates Waste

Eddies create the need to spend company resources on problems that never should have occurred in the first place. They also create a tremendous amount of frustration for your customers, who are burdened to seek out information that should have been provided to them.

To make matters worse, customers consider being stuck in an Eddy one of the most negative brand experiences possible. Experiencing an Eddy negatively impacts brand perception, customer retention, and ultimately revenue.


  • On average, drive 33% of inbound calls and take longer to resolve than non-Eddy calls
  • Rank among the worst brand experiences by customers
  • Are a strong indicator of customer attrition
  • Can lead to gaps in patient care
  • Decrease call satisfaction scores by an average of .6 points on a 5-point scale

The Eddy Effect Directly Impacts the Bottom Line

We know that Eddies decrease customer satisfaction scores and oftentimes in healthcare, customer satisfaction scores are tied to dollars for the business. A swing of just 0.5% could mean millions of dollars to an organization.

Surfacing CX insights and identifying Eddies has more of a direct tie to ROI than ever before.

Eddy Effect Calculator

What are Eddies costing your organization and how much could you be saving by resolving them? Find out with the Eddy Effect Calculator.

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