Data Storytelling with Artificial Intelligence

We’re here to put a stake in the ground that the next era of customer listening is HERE!  

It’s happening right now.  

Authenticx views four core components influencing this new era of innovation: AI in Healthcare, Explore & Discover, Data-Backed Storytelling, and Take Action.   

AI is driving that innovation and change, particularly in healthcare. Read all about that here, along with expanding capabilities to explore and discover insights.

These are two important questions to ask when considering how data storytelling can be an important influencer of change in your organization.

  • What forms an effective data-backed story?  
  • How can healthcare leaders use storytelling to communicate insights that motivate and persuade?  

At Authenticx, we believe storytelling matters and have intentionally built capabilities into our solution to combine the value of data-backed insights with storytelling.  

Data-backed storytelling is a lifelong skill that can be developed like any other, but it requires intentional structure and practice: the top reason companies cite for not using data-backed storytelling is that they lack people with storytelling skills. Leveraging your customer data for storytelling isn’t always simple, but it is possible when you learn how to start. 

The Next Era of Data Storytelling

5% of an audience can remember a statistic, 63% of audiences can remember a story. 

This next era of artificial intelligence is enabling a new capacity for data-backed storytelling. Neuroscience tells us that when we use stories within our organizations, we unlock important memory and empathy centers in the brain, which influences behavior and decision-making.  

This concept can be applied to an organizational enterprise, as data-backed storytelling combines quantitative and qualitative data to provide meaning. By bringing data to life, people connect to concepts valuable and personal to them – concepts that balance technological innovation (the head) and the ability to impact how healthcare understands the customer journey (the heart). 

3 Ways Data-backed Storytelling Drives Enterprise Impact

Context – Understand the meaning and value of customer conversations by listening at scale to identify root causes that give clarity to customer interactions through trends, patterns, and shifts. This helps extract insight to strategically plan for future needs, growth, and outcomes.  

Comprehension – Craft your customer story through data discovery and synthesis to prompt action from the direct voices of customers. Have a comprehensive understanding of opportunities and threats facing customers.  

Connection – Integrate the voice of the customer with your micro and macro business decisions with a source of data that is relevant and representative of your customer population. Prioritize impactful action to accelerate what is already in motion to create continuous improvement of your CX. 

Data-backed storytelling can be a powerful tool to drive change. In understanding the value of developing a story, this type of presentation approach incites change because people remember what they heard – and they can’t unhear it. Combining hard data with the literal voice of the customer connects with our teams’ heads and hearts. 

AI at Authenticx

Artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare. By listening, evaluating, and analyzing conversations at scale, teams are given the opportunity to develop and craft a story from this type of data.  

Data Storytelling | Most Success Using AI to Drive Action

Organizations that listen at scale gain insights that:  

  • Eliminate friction in the customer journey 
  • Deliver more personalized care 
  • Improve customer satisfaction 
  • Decrease customer churn 
  • Increase first call resolution 
  • Decrease interaction volume 
  • Improve call center compliance 

The next era of listening means we are leveraging AI and implementing key principles of storytelling as a driving force of change to improve healthcare outcomes.  

Data-Backed Storytelling | Drive Actions and Outcomes with Story and AI

By understanding the core principles of storytelling, conversation data can be strategically leveraged to inspire action. The voice of the customer has a profound impact and helps leaders listen and respond to the data point with which they’re being presented. Effective storytelling helps speak to the head and the heart and can efficiently convey quantifiable information using the power of voice. 

Authenticx has capabilities such as Montage Builder to help edit and clip conversations to share, as well as Conversation Explorer to search and dive into different trends being heard. Compelling stories help users feel more context around a data point by illustrating topics of impact with clear examples to see and hear.  

5 Ways Data Storytelling Can Inspire Action with Authenticx:  

  • Drive speed to action addressing friction points as soon as they occur 
  • Expertly find and tell stories found in your organizations conversational data 
  • Identify root causes that give clarity to trends, patterns, and shifts 
  • Expand the power of insights generated in the Authenticx platform 
  • Work with experienced Authenticx Storytellers for continued coaching support  

With AI-driven solutions, integrate the voice of the customer with your micro and macro business decisions by amplifying large samples of data that represent your entire customer population. Convert conversations into aggregated patterns and themes to guide business strategy and initiatives.  

Learn to create compelling stories with Authenticx. With the help of AI, healthcare organizations are better equipped to craft data-backed stories. The next era of customer listening is here

Customer Voices Report - Listening at Scale with Artificial Intelligence

About Authenticx

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