Explore & Discover with Conversational Intelligence

We’re here to put a stake in the ground that the next era of customer listening is HERE!  

It’s happening right now.  

Authenticx views four core components influencing this new era of innovation: AI in Healthcare, Explore & Discover, Data-Backed Storytelling, and Take Action.   

Healthcare is complex, requiring specified and personalized solutions. And AI is driving that innovation, particularly for healthcare. Read how technology is transforming how healthcare innovates. 

As artificial intelligence unlocks new insights at a higher volume and velocity than previously seen, new ways for organizations to explore and discover valuable trends inside conversation data are becoming available. The era of limited, time-consuming ‘check the box’ behavior to monitor conversations is ending. This innovation creates the ability to identify and monitor conversation trends in a way that is accessible, efficient, and reliable. Consolidating conversational data to a single source of insights provides opportunities to explore and discover holistic obstacles and opportunities. Authenticx is part of that movement, creating a single source for conversational insight to facilitate omnichannel listening, and customer journey monitoring at an enterprise-wide scale.  

The Next Era of Conversational Intelligence

Listening at scale is now possible. AI allows us to do more than we’ve ever been able to do before, to listen to 100% of customer conversations, surfacing voices and insights in an efficient, yet highly contextualized way. 

When organizations invest in conversational intelligence specifically trained for healthcare, they are equipping teams to:  

  • Analyze a greater volume of conversations (calls, chats, texts, emails, etc.) at a greater velocity 
  • Leverage algorithms that have been trained specifically to address the healthcare experience   
  • Listen compliantly as regulatory realities are incorporated into algorithmic predictions and training 

It may seem dramatic, but the reality is that our contact center conversations are like a canary in a coal mine – they contain the early warning signals of trouble, signals that we need to protect and strengthen our business, our employees, and our customers. 

Artificial intelligence is leading the way in helping to decode and find signals that drive the right action and changes. This emerging technology is enabling us to do more in surfacing complex data efficiently and contextually. 

Explore & Discover with Conversational Intelligence

AI enables exploration and discovery, which offers breadth, depth, and additional context in reported insights to make informed and sound decisions.  

In practice this looks like:  

  • Search capabilities: Search conversations by topic, emotion, activity to pinpoint specific instances for further review.  
  • Identify problems previously unknown: Unearth topics people are talking about that leaders and teams weren’t aware existed.   
  • Monitor metric impact: Evaluate the rate of customer friction improvement, the volume of complaints and compliments, and benchmark against metrics such as FCR, customer retention, and quality scores.  

Typical metrics used in the contact center don’t always provide the context needed to take action. The data doesn’t tell the whole story or pinpoint where a disruption is occurring. Having capabilities to explore and discover helps address these problems head on. 

Explore & Discover with Conversational Intelligence - Favorite AI Capabilities

Authenticx has built a platform to make listening at scale in both areas of agent and customer focus possible for the entire enterprise: 

  • Agent focus improves operational outcomes, provides tools for coaching, and helps manage compliance challenges.  
  • Customer focus improves patient outcomes, eliminates gaps in therapy or care using the Eddy Effect, and enables listening to the voice of the customer at scale. 

AI at Authenticx

Artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare. Here at Authenticx, that means AI is being used to listen and synthesize conversations to help humans understand humans. This is a focused, nuanced approach that brings a level of reliability to data reporting.  

The next era of listening means we are leveraging AI as a driving force of change to improve healthcare outcomes.  

Explore & Discover | Conversation Explorer Drives Conversational Intelligence

Conversation Explorer is one way Authenticx enables listening at scale to find specific conversations. With this capability, users are able to search the massive volumes of conversations, find conversations by topic, and listen to the friction customers are experiencing. 

Explore & Discover | Conversation Explorer Drives Conversational Intelligence

Conversation Explorer changes the way you listen. Instead of digging for insights, users are able to intentionally explore and discover their own data. 

6 Ways to Explore & Discover with Authenticx:  

  • Drill down into a specific topic (such as the Eddy Effect!) 
  • Read summarizations of conversations happening around a certain topic 
  • Filter conversations by sentiment, compliance, keywords, related topics, and more 
  • Review evaluated conversations and filter by human or AI-analyzed 
  • Create clips of conversations and build a montage to share to teams and leadership 
  • Save searches to track and monitor progress on conversations that match the same criteria 

This next era of customer listening allows more exploration and discovery of positive impact, areas for improvement, and obstacles that exist in the CX through 100% of recorded conversations. These new possibilities provide choices to strategically explore what is needed to drive business objectives forward.  

We are living in a time of profound change and opportunity. With the help of AI, healthcare organizations are better equipped to explore and discover, at scale. The next era of customer listening is here

Customer Voices Report - Listening at Scale with Artificial Intelligence

About Authenticx

Authenticx was founded to analyze and activate customer interaction data at scale. Why? We wanted to reveal transformational opportunities in healthcare. We are on a mission to help humans understand humans. With a combined 100+ years of leadership experience in pharma, payer, and healthcare organizations, we know first-hand the challenges and opportunities that our clients face because we’ve been in your shoes. In 2023, Authenticx was ranked No. 349 on the Inc. 5000 recognized as one of America and Indiana’s fastest-growing private companies.

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