A Conversation on Conversation Summary AI Models

Key Takeaways: Conversation Summary and the Authenticx Model

  • A conversation summary AI model is generative AI that uses a large language model to analyze a full customer conversation to provide insights.
  • Benefits of conversation summary models include the alleviation of administrative tasks, the ease of agent and customer burden, insight into expressions of brand perception that aid in churn and retention rates, and real-time performance evaluations.
  • Authenticx Conversation Summary is created for every conversation uploaded into the Authenticx software and can feed into the product features seen by CRM (customer relationship management) users.
  • Authenticx’s Conversation Summary model is proprietary and is maintained and refined by our data science team who enhance the model regularly for more accurate results, and it is available via an API (application programming interface).

What do these emerging AI models mean for an organization looking to enhance their existing data collection and collected insights? Conversation summary models engage industry innovation by ingesting a comprehensive volume of data, compressing and analyzing the data, and providing insights to product users at scale, in near real-time. Let’s break down their application and benefits.

What are Conversation Summary Models?

Conversation summary models are large language models (LLMs) that utilize the unstructured data from conversations to train the model. The resulting insights then inform on key components of the interaction. Unlike text summarization (using transcriptions to gather key points), this enables insight by theme, pain point, and even by personalized case-by-case use per healthcare organization. To go further, the interaction gets analyzed by specific parameters, such as rule-based classifiers (RBCs), to seek specific insight and understanding of issues, industry and/or brand-specific keywords, or even successes.

The Benefits of Conversation Summary Models

These AI models not only give time back to organization teams (such as healthcare professionals to focus on patient care), but they also give contextual insights as call summary notes for contact centers, so they don’t have to rely on agent memory or delayed agent response (many taking calls all day with little time for detailed notetaking). Automatically generated call notes could be a better, more reliable option to obtain brand and/or industry-specific lingo – rather than relying on agents who shorthand key elements or outsourced hubs that don’t have full visibility into the brand or audience type. Additionally, summarization can improve trust that compliance, information updates (such as Medicare open enrollment), and transcript abidance are tracked from conversation start to conversation end.

Conversation summary models have developed the capability to apply trained data from use cases in any given industry that can prompt more intuitive outcomes for any industry. Some of the outcomes any organization can receive are:

  • Unlocking the ability to decrease agent churn
  • Improving customer retention
  • Easing the burden on customers
  • Increasing organizational (and contact center) efficiency
  • Creating focus and more personalized aid
Contact Center ROI - Customer Voices Report | Authenticx

Authenticx Conversation Summary: Proprietary, Reliable, and Efficient

The next era of customer listening and market innovation is here. There’s a growing demand for the creation of customer-centric, industry-specific models that give high-level, detailed insights that are not only reliable but actionable and scalable.

The Authenticx model is a proprietary LLM, using generative AI to perform the process of speech-to-text to evaluative summary. Since Authenticx automatically receives an interaction recording and enters it into the conversation summary model, the insights available in real-time in your CRM are what spotlight the intentionality and efficiency of having an industry-specific (healthcare-focused) model. With our dedicated product innovation team of engineers and designers, the model is constantly tuned for healthcare organizations and their personalized customer audience – which allows teams to act on insights with representative data that brings understanding to one of the most complex industries in the world.

The advantages of using this model are significant when considering how it can better help organizational leaders and contact centers. With Authenticx’s Conversation Summary, platform users are able to have confidence in their initial conversational (speech to text to summary) insights with a 95% accuracy rate; as a result, teams experience:

  • Increased efficiency of freeing up their healthcare professionals and agents from time-consuming administrative tasks.
  • 100% of conversations are listened to at scale with Authenticx AI.
  • The ability to search for key elements per use case, and then summarize the conversation, which eliminates the need for manual call summary notes.

This increased efficiency in the contact center from AI-power conversation summarization opens the door for changes to occur across the enterprise, in CX and Marketing teams to Operations and Compliance.

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The Future of Authenticx Conversation Summary

The future of the Authenticx Conversation Summary model enhances the ongoing investment. While the model is proprietary and uses a dedicated product engineering team to constantly monitor and fine-tune the product for more reliable and up-to-date results, the API will enable wide user adoption opportunities. Authenticx API shares AI-generated insights with other key systems that empower the other teams across the enterprise with the same conversational insights seen in Authenticx.

With any tuned AI model, the more specific the training data, the more personalization per industry, which, in turn, increases the model’s accuracy rate. This allows for improved data visualizations and insights to drive strategic action. The value of AI and automated summarization is limitless. AI enables organizations to act on the following:

  1. Paying for care – such as with claims, prior authorization, or copays
  2. Assessing care – such as with medication refill, shipment processes, or referrals
  3. Gaps in communication – such as a lack of visibility, returned calls, or the inability to contact the appropriate party
  4. Information and documentation – such as incorrect dates, conflicting directions, or incomplete forms

Conversation summary gives time back, insights into employee performance, and the root cause of pain points missed by only tracking common metrics (such as FCR and AHT). Conversations are the voice of customers and the face of an organization. When the whole interaction isn’t listened to, the data loses meaning. With improved innovation powered by AI, you can tell the whole story effectively and efficiently. Guarantee the voices are heard. Ensure the processes mirror the organizational mission. And give meaning back to customer and business outcomes.

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