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With millions of data points coming into and out of the call center, helping agents and leaders discover trends within the voice of the customer has become a glaring need. With call center AI, pattern identification analyzes large volumes of customer interaction data, locating common trends or repeated elements that may be missed by agents who are working on resolutions, notes, resources, and remaining compliant. This allows businesses to identify common issues or concerns, enabling them to proactively address them before they become major problems, like customer churn or loss of revenue

Call center AI has the power to provide real-time feedback to agents and managers. This means that staff can receive immediate feedback on their performance, enabling them to make adjustments and improvements in the moment. This improves the call center’s overall efficiency and helps ensure customers receive the best service and support. While the fears of AI have truth, the benefits of this innovation – coupled with a platform focused on intentional and responsible industry-specific models and machine learning (ML) – in call centers is skyrocketing AI as an essential tool for healthcare organizations of all sizes. 

On Task and On Track with AI

AI revolutionizes the way call centers strategize, respond, and operate. With automated capabilities, AI can take over tasks that were once the sole responsibility of call center agents. These tasks include: 

  • Notetaking for customer profile management 
  • Identifying customer concerns or complaints 
  • Analyzing customer sentiment 
  • Sharing the positive impact of a product or service 

By taking on these tasks, AI allows call center agents to stay present in the conversation and focus on the quality of the call. Instead of relying on memory to recall the interaction, agents can now collect real-time feedback from customers and respond in a more empathetic way.  

As this allows healthcare to grow more customer-centric, call center AI can track traditional call center metrics and KPIs, like FCR, AHT, and average time in queue. This provides valuable insights into the performance of the call center, allowing managers to allocate resources more effectively, improve customer satisfaction, and aid in employee empowerment. 

The value of AI has been expressed through its impact on core business needs, such as customer loyalty, customer growth, and brand perception. As more agents focus on quality interactions, AI allows them to improve their service and satisfaction levels. This, in turn, leads to more calls resolved without further obstacles and better overall employee and customer experiences.  

Data Collection Needs Big Data Analytics

Collecting data from multiple channels like calls, messages, emails, or chatbot conversations is cumbersome. With the power of AI, data collection is nearly effortless and provides leaders the space to focus on the bigger picture of call center management and operations.  Through AI implementation, call center management is more easily able to concentrate on coaching, training, and data-backed storytelling.  

Moreover, with innovative customer experience platforms, AI analyzes data in personalized and customized ways that are specified for your industry, need, or even the time of the year (like Medicare OEP). AI helps you to understand your customers better, and you can tailor your services, your resources, and your agents to better fit their needs.  

AI-powered data collection makes call centers more efficient, quick, and personalized. It ensures that healthcare call centers remain compliant and the common disruptions in the customer journey are more simply resolved through strategic decision-making.  

Customer Voices Report - Listening at Scale with Artificial Intelligence

Resolving Pain Points and Listening to Feedback

Quality customer service is key to the success of any industry, especially healthcare.  It’s important to understand the customers’ needs and the challenges they face. And call center AI can help monitor customer calls, analyze the data, and provide strategic insights for better business decision-making. 

Healthcare innovation is making it easier to create impact and close gaps. By collecting unsolicited feedback data (not survey-based data), call center agents can better resolve the issues customers face, reducing customer churn and maintaining retention. AI has the ability to listen at scale, taking in millions of data points to better understand and meet both customer and business outcomes.  

AI helps assist customer service agents in understanding the unique needs of each customer, allowing them to use the time on call to listen and understand, rather than hitting KPIs and taking notes. With innovative models, algorithms, and tools such as shareable dashboards, real-time feedback, and automation, AI can provide managers and agents with the time to uncover opportunities to better serve customers. The value and ROI of AI in call centers is in the performance and efficiency improvements it provides. 

Key Takeaways and Authenticx AI

Healthcare call center management and work can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be. Innovative technology helps inform healthcare leaders inside and outside the call center with actionable insights. By leveraging call center AI, automating tasks, aggregating and analyzing large volumes of omnichannel data, and resolving customer pain points are achievable. 

  • On Task and On Track: Enhance overall call center performance and agent efficiency by leveraging AI to perform time-consuming tasks, track key metrics that take agents out of the call, and start redirecting resources to quality improvements like brand loyalty, perception, and empowerment.
  • Big Data Analytics at Scale: Collect mass volumes of data points and share customized dashboards to better inform the operational management of the call center, such as agent training, coaching, and telling customer stories.
  • Pain Point Resolution: Meet customer and business outcomes by activating strategic insights provided by unsolicited feedback to resolve the obstacles customers face, in turn, improving retention and limiting churn.

Start revolutionizing healthcare with the human at the center of business objectives. Listening to understand customer needs and their journey helps find value through AI models that are healthcare-specific and industry-agonistic. In the healthcare industry, a specialized platform is key. And that’s what Authenticx has been doing since 2018.  

When healthcare organizations try to create AI and ML in-house rather than leveraging a dedicated, industry-specific platform using models trained from conversational healthcare data, the more likely it is these companies run into regulatory and compliance issues – while adding the potential of creating AI bias from models built to suit preferences or business objectives than built agnostic and impartial.  

The Authenticx platform uses proprietary AI models and algorithms to better serve healthcare with trained data from actual healthcare conversations and interaction data. Our in-house team of data scientists reviews models, evaluates how data is collected, and creates specific updates customized to better suit needs at large. Our analysts, who come with expertise in healthcare, social work, and education, tag and label feedback data to train the models and ensure reliability remains high.  

The next era of customer listening is here. And AI is leading the way. Learn more about Authenticx and see how our product works to help healthcare achieve outcomes with call center AI.  

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