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Patient Experience Survey Questions

Over the past few years there has been an increased importance placed on customer, client, and patient satisfaction for industries of all kinds. This is essentially, because without customers, businesses cannot run and if you leave your customers unhappy, they might just leave you. One industry that has needed to consider the feedback of their customers since before the consumer-centric model got popularized across the board is the healthcare industry. In healthcare, the patient experience is everything — the entire focus. Because of this, healthcare providers have had to find ways to collect patient feedback and strategize how to best help their patients have a better experience with their services. One way is by patient experience survey questions.

Since it is so important for healthcare providers to be able to collect and analyze the insights that their patients are giving them, it is incredibly important for healthcare providers to adopt a strategy that allows them to easily collect all of their patients’ valuable insights and gathers all of that data into one area where it can be analyzed. This may seem like a lot of work, but with the Authenticx platform, you can do just that. Authenticx’s software will listen to all of the incoming calls, messages, and other patient to customer service interactions that you are already collecting and combine all of the valuable insights into one location. These insights are then organized into categories that suit your specific needs and interests so that you can use this collected data to inform your decisions on how to better serve your patients. In short, Authenticx helps you to build a patient-centric experience in your facility that truly takes recommendations directly from the customer interactions that happen each day to ensure that you are not missing out on valuable insights.

One of the best ways to utilize this collection of valuable data is to allow it to inform and help you construct more effective and inclusive patient satisfaction survey questions. The healthcare industry has been using the patient experience questionnaire approach to collecting insights and suggestions from their patients for years, and these surveys can offer an incredible opportunity for patients to express the good and bad of their experiences. This allows healthcare providers to make changes to their patient experiences in a more informed way.

Questionnaire on Patient Satisfaction In a Hospital

Many people go to hospitals, have their procedure or testing completed, and then go home without even being given a questionnaire or survey asking about their experience. And while not all people will want to fill out these hospital patient satisfaction survey questions after their stay, there are many people who may want to detail something that they found done exceptionally well or something they wished would have been better. This information is crucial to a hospital — and other healthcare providers — as it helps them to more accurately alter their practices to make sure all patients have a pleasant experience with them, even if the reason they are at the hospital is less than pleasant.

When a patient is given a survey can differ depending on the hospital, but oftentimes a patient will receive a questionnaire for patient satisfaction in OPT (the outpatient department) or when they are ready to leave after an in-patient procedure. Regardless of when the questionnaire is given, you will want to ensure that the questions on it are actually relevant to what your patients are wanting to talk about. For example, if you offer a patient satisfaction survey questionnaire hospital print-out that is six pages long and over twenty questions, very few patients are going to want to fill it out. So, in order to make these questionnaires actually viable for your patients, you want to focus on the questions or concerns that your patients are having. One incredibly easy way to find out what to focus on is to use Authenticx’s platform to help you aggregate and analyze customer interaction data from your very own patients. This process allows you to really tune in to what your patients are wanting you to focus on and what can make their experiences with your facility better.

Patient Satisfaction Project

While the importance of patient satisfaction surveys over the years has been tremendous, the advancement of technology has brought with it a way to inform these surveys more efficiently than simply using a survey can. Finding the right patient experience survey questions to ask is the hardest, but most important, part of creating an effective and helpful patient satisfaction survey. Because of this, healthcare providers need to really focus their attention on ways of finding the right questions.

This is where a software, like Authenticx, that helps you to not only understand the concerns but also the perspectives, interests, and context surrounding their patients’ concerns can become an essential tool. Using a tool like this can easily scour your call and message center data for these stand-out concerns can help to greatly inform your survey questions and lead to an overall better and more effective patient satisfaction survey report that will best reflect your patients needs.

Patient Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire

In healthcare, patient satisfaction surveys are one of the most tried-and-true methods of obtaining patient feedback. And while there are plenty of patient satisfaction survey template word documents that you may be able to utilize as a basis for your own questionnaire, it is important to make sure that the questions you include in your questionnaire are actually relevant to your patients if you really want them to be helpful to you in the long run. So, even if you are using a patient satisfaction survey template to get started, you will want to be customizing your own patient experience survey questions to better service your patients.

In order to do this, you will need to know what your patients are satisfied with and what they are not satisfied with. Now, you may think, “but that is why we need the survey” and you are not wrong. Surveys can definitely help you determine what patients are liking and what they are not, but there is actually an easier (and more effective) way to find out this information. The Authenticx platform helps you to collect and analyze data from the customer interactions that happen every single day to determine where your customers are wanting more support from you. This data is then streamlined into one platform where it is organized and made available for you to view and take actions to improve your patient experience one goal at a time.

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Patient Satisfaction Survey Examples

Creating your own patient satisfaction survey questions can seem like an incredibly daunting task — especially if you have experienced less than enthusiastic responses to a previous questionnaire from your patients. However, since these surveys have been such an important part of gathering patient data for years, there are many different patient satisfaction questionnaire sample questions available for you to utilize if you need a springboard to start from. However, be aware that many patients will not want to fill out surveys if they feel as if they are wasting their time. Because of this, not all patient satisfaction survey questions examples that you find may be a good idea for your own survey.

In order to find out what would be the right questions to ask on your healthcare facility’s survey, you need to know what your patients want more help with. And how do you find that out? Luckily, you already have all the data you need to find the answer to that incredibly important question. All you need is a way to find it. Authenticx’s platform can be that way. By collecting valuable patient insights from all of the stored customer interaction data from your call and message centers, Authenticx is able to sort and analyze all of your patients’ questions and concerns and offer highlights and data to you in a single easy-to-use platform. This allows you to really take action on your patients’ concerns and make sure that you are continuously improving their patient experience.

Types of Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Because patient satisfaction surveys are so popular — especially in the healthcare industry — there are a number of different types of patient satisfaction surveys that you could use for your healthcare facility. From very specific hospital patient satisfaction surveys that are unique to certain departments to a more generic patient satisfaction survey in healthcare, there are a number of options and examples available for reference if your healthcare facility is looking for inspiration.

Whether you are looking for a validated patient satisfaction survey or you are simply searching for a sort of template that you can base your own customized patient satisfaction survey on, it is important to keep in mind that a survey is only as good as its questions — no matter what type of survey it is. Because of this, you’ll need to ensure that you know what questions will actually be helpful to your patients on a survey. Using Authenticx’s platform, you can easily discover your customers’ concerns and questions using speech analytics and machine learning technology to help provide you with not only the concern itself but also the context around the concern to best help you understand the needs of your patients.

How To Measure Patient Satisfaction 

Measuring patient satisfaction is one of the most important measures that healthcare facilities can look for when evaluating how well they are serving their patients. However, for as important as this measurement is, it can be quite tricky to accurately measure. But, with the help of advanced technology — like speech analytics, targeted call evaluations, and data-based storytelling — platforms like Authenticx can help your healthcare organization to gain valuable information about your facility’s patient satisfaction scores and outcomes.

With the Authenticx platform, you can gather data directly from your customers through the customer interactions stored in your call and message centers and use the insights directly from your patients to help take actionable steps to improve your patients’ experience. Using these tools to measure patient satisfaction can help you to get a better, and fuller, picture of how your patients are feeling and how you can better serve them — which is, after all, the main focus of healthcare providers to begin with.

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