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Quality Assurance Platform

A quality assurance platform is a software tool that businesses and organizations can use to manage their compliance and quality assurance processes. Quality assurance is incredibly important in businesses that produce products or provide services because improperly tested products or services conducted out of compliance can open companies up to liability. Some products and services that are conducted out of compliance can even bring harm to the consumer. This is especially true in industries such as pharmaceuticals and healthcare. 

What does this have to do with call centers, you might ask? Well – a few things. Authenticx is one of the best workforce management software for call centers – and it also happens to be a quality assurance platform for the healthcare providers that utilize them. Authenticx can provide analyst performance reports, and identify compliance issues from both the analyst and other healthcare professionals named on the call. Authenticx can also report on key performance indicators that may be used when evaluating the efficacy of a call center. Common call center performance indicators include:

  • Rate of calls abandoned on average
  • Average time on hold or waiting to reach an agent
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Rate of first call resolution
  • Length of call 

Features of Authenticx that play an important role in quality assurance include Speech Analyticx and Smart Predict. Authenticx uses natural language processing to analyze your customer conversations and create actionable insights from their data. Authenticx can identify customer sentiment, sort by call topic, provide custom performance reports, and more. Authenticx feature Smart Sample can even autoscore analyst conversations based on comparison to a quality control checklist. 

Quality assurance in software engineering alone won’t help healthcare organizations determine how to better serve their customers. However, it does help Authenticx deliver an incredible product that is built to help healthcare organizations better serve their patients. Many of the aspects of quality assurance carry over from software to healthcare to manufacturing and beyond. A software quality assurance plan example that could easily transfer to other industries might look like this:

  • Follow the quality control checklists and test cases.
  • Carefully record any discovered issues with detailed descriptions.
  • Provide visual evidence when necessary and as often as possible.

Authenticx can do all of the above in automation, greatly reducing the need for operations personnel to examine every call or rely on self-reported statistics by analysts. Thanks to Authenticx’s Speech Analyticx and Smart Sample, operations personnel can spot issues at a glance and quickly get to the bottom of the issues.

Call Center Quality Assurance Software

Call center quality assurance software is essential for any organization that wishes to ensure their investment in a call center is effective. Directors of Operations need to know the barriers that their clients are experiencing to receiving quality service. While other methods of attempting to track compliance in call centers exist, Authenticx functions as a quality assurance platform that ensures your analysts are compliant with policy and can also give you valuable insights into other aspects of your business. 

Authenticx can analyze customer interactions to reveal recurring trends that are disrupting your organization’s targets and goals. Your healthcare clients are sharing issues with you every day that you might not find on even the most thorough quality control tests list. The problem is that you have no way of listening to their concerns, identifying the root of the issue, or resolving it. Authenticx gives healthcare professionals the opportunity not only to ensure that their investment in a call center is giving them a return on investment but also to identify themes within their services, both positive and negative. 

Authenticx is where software quality assurance and healthcare quality assurance come together. Elements of software quality assurance include creating a functional product that works as designed, as well as documenting the steps taken to get there. Quality assurance engineers for healthcare software should ensure that data is processed quickly and securely. HIPAA is no joke, and healthcare software needs to be incredibly secure to ensure that PHI is kept safe. Not only that, but users of healthcare software also need to be thoroughly trained on how to remain HIPAA compliant. This is one area where Authenticx can help healthcare providers perform their own quality assurance – Authenticx can identify HIPAA compliance issues in the field automatically. 

Call center quality assurance software can protect patients and healthcare providers from improper data usage.

Quality Assurance Examples

Quality assurance examples will vary from industry to industry. While quality assurance and quality control have an important part to play in every industry, quality assurance examples in healthcare will likely look very different from quality assurance examples in software development. Real-life examples of quality assurance in manufacturing might look something like product testing. Quality assurance and quality control are two terms often used interchangeably when really they are the two distinct sides of the same coin. In a manufacturing quality assurance example, a quality control team finds that every pair of headphones for the last three weeks has suffered inferior sound quality compared to the batches before them. Quality assurance investigates the processes and steps taken for these headphones to come into production. They find that a supplier has made modifications to or switched out a part. Quality assurance then either recommends a new supplier or works with their current one to ensure that this issue never happens again.

Quality assurance examples in laboratory settings might look more similar to healthcare quality assurance, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry. Quality assurance in a laboratory might look like double-checking labels before performing each test or re-calibrating machinery and scientific equipment according to a written policy. Quality assurance could also look like ensuring that every member of the lab is trained thoroughly to the certification standards of an external board. Protective gear such as gloves, hair coverings, and overcoats are also quality assurance measures. 

Quality assurance is performed to protect the consumer and the employees. Products that are not properly tested may be harmful – this is especially true in the healthcare industry. If a healthcare provider gives a level of care to a patient that is not standard with their quality assurance protocols, they open the healthcare organization to liability and could possibly endanger their patient’s life.

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Types Of Quality Assurance

“Quality assurance” is a widely used term by many industries. Each industry keeps its own standards and has its own types of QA testing methodologies. There are two different types of QA engineers – manual and automated. Manual quality engineers go over a software product step by step without any test scripts. They attempt to act like the software customer and test if everything looks and works as it should. 

However, the types of quality assurance in healthcare are entirely different from quality assurance in a software context. Authenticx is where healthcare and software quality assurance would overlap. Healthcare providers can use Authenticx as they conduct their quality assurance testing. Types of quality assurance in healthcare include utilization review management, medical care evaluations, and healthcare evaluations. 

To move away from software types of quality assurance, there are a few quality testing methods that can be broadly discussed with applications to many industries. QA testing can also be divided into functional and non-functional testing. More methods of quality testing include:

  • Vulnerability & Security testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Usability testing
  • Performance testing
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Acceptance testing

Quality assurance testing in healthcare is performed for several reasons. Performing quality assurance in healthcare can help health providers meet other goals related to quality assurance as well as improving patient satisfaction, patient retention, better accreditation, and more. 

Quality assurance in healthcare care can also raise staff satisfaction and enhance clinical quality. Authenticx can be used as a quality assurance platform due to the valuable feedback that patients record on the platform every day. 

Quality Assurance In Software Testing

Quality assurance in software testing is a bit different than one might think if they’re only familiar with quality control testing laboratory settings. It’s also important to make the distinction between quality assurance vs. quality control. 

Quality assurance is a preventative measure taken during the software development phase in order to avoid negative outcomes. Quality control is a reactive process that occurs during software testing that is meant to identify and fix bugs or other undesirable features of the software. The importance of quality assurance in software testing cannot be underestimated. Whereas quality control is focused on the product, quality assurance is focused on the process. The aim of quality assurance is to make sure that the quality team is performing the correct tasks in adherence to protocol. It is a preventative measure to protect against defects. However, there is always something that gets missed – software developers are only human, after all. The need for quality control comes last to thoroughly test the software, identify any issues, and flag them for fixing. 

Many software developers begin their careers searching for quality assurance in software testing jobs. QA testing requires basic knowledge of computer coding skills and the ability to complete training related to quality assurance training for software. As mentioned previously, there are two different kinds of quality testers in software – manual and automated. Manual testers take a longer time to process than automated testers, but they can handle much more complex problems. Automated testers also have a longer lead-to-value pipeline, which can delay their implementation.

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