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Tap into existing customer conversations to reveal qualitative feedback. This unfiltered, renewable source of insights accounts for every customer voice – even those who don’t respond to surveys.

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Emerging Insights from Chat-driven Conversations

A pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) wanted insights to diagnose themes and improve areas the patient digital experience for patients. Using Authenticx AI, they confidently identify where friction was occurring.

Insights from Chat Conversations | Customer Story | Authenticx

Customer Intelligence Platform

For all businesses, and especially in healthcare, the right customer experience is vital. Organizations do not want unhappy customers and negative feedback or reviews.

One aspect of the customer experience that can greatly impact the customer’s level of satisfaction is when the customer feels that their questions are answered and they are being listened to. When a customer calls an organization, they will often leave unsolicited feedback that can aid the organization in understanding what they are doing well and what they need to improve in the field of customer experience. Utilizing this feedback for improvement requires a customer intelligence platform.

A customer intelligence platform is a software that gathers and organizes data about the customer experience at an organization. This data, or customer intelligence insights, often include recordings from call center interactions, email exchanges, and live chats that the customer or patient had with the organization.

The benefits of customer intelligence platforms are numerous. By combining these disparate exchanges into one organized location, organizations can get a full picture of the customer experience at their company. A customer intelligence platform can also sort data by subject so that organizations can easily see if any specific areas repeatedly come up and require improvement.

Among the customer intelligence examples that are available is a platform called Authenticx. As a software, Authenticx was designed for healthcare organizations, including for the fields of pharma, healthcare providers, and health insurance.

The Authenticx platform collects customer experience data and, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), organizes that data according to several different indicators such as needs, interests, and drivers. Instead of an employee having to listen to call recordings and take notes, the Authenticx platform uses AI to analyze phone interactions and classify them automatically. This classification makes it easy to organize customer feedback and improve the entire customer experience.

Customer Intelligence and Analytics

The field of customer intelligence and analytics contains several kinds of data that pertain to the customer experience. Data intelligence platforms exist to make it easy for this data to be collected, organized, and analyzed so that organizations can focus on improving the organization-to-customer relationship.

While many organizations rely on voluntary customer feedback surveys to gauge customer satisfaction, these surveys may not be accurate. Because the surveys are voluntary, only certain customers will give feedback, and it can be difficult to identify the problems customers have because there is no context for the feedback.

Customer intelligence analytics is about analyzing the data surrounding customer interactions. For instance, if a customer calls the organization and complains about getting directed through an endless cycle of departments, an organization that uses a customer intelligence platform can analyze the recording of this conversation and become aware of the issue so that they can fix it. Unlike a customer survey, this example shows the context of the situation so that the organization can fully understand what happened.

Customer intelligence and analytics is not just for the customer service department. This field is an effective part of marketing analytics. With unsolicited feedback and other data from the customer experience, an organization’s marketing team can better understand what customers are looking for.

With a customer intelligence platform like Authenticx, healthcare-focused organizations can get access to customer feedback so that their marketing teams can target the problems customers are facing and give them an answer.

Customer Data Platform

In order to successfully engage in the customer intelligence and analytics field, organizations should consider searching for a customer data platform.

Customer data platform architecture tends to follow a similar pattern. First, the customer data is collected by the platform from several sources. These sources can be email exchanges, phone calls, live chats, and more. Then the platform or software can organize the data by type, such as phone calls, or by customer.

Customer intelligence data platforms will be able to collect all of the data for a single customer so that the organization can get a full picture of the customer’s experience. Intelligent platforms can also analyze the content of the data and organize exchanges by subject, such as collecting all of the exchanges when customers use the phrase “long wait times.”

Customer data platform examples include both basic data-collecting platforms and AI-powered intelligent platforms. A simple customer data platform can make it easy for organizations to collect data and organize it, but analysis will still have to be done manually.

For platforms with machine learning capabilities, this analysis process is performed automatically so that all the employees have to do is decide what to do with the information. Both platforms are useful for collecting customer data across different channels. Without these platforms, organizations would have a list of customer phone call recordings, another list of live chat discussions, and another list for email exchanges. Sorting through these exchanges is made simpler with an intelligent customer data platform like Authenticx.

Top Customer Data Platforms

The top customer data platforms that exist for organizations have several different capabilities. Some are designed so that the organization can get a complete picture of each individual customer’s experience. This type of platform makes it possible for the organization to communicate reliably and consistently with each customer.

On the other hand, some customer data platform vendors have chosen to apply machine learning to their platforms so that fewer manual tasks are required. These platforms do not just collect data, they can analyze it and collect insights. This kind of automatic analysis means that important insights can be sorted by date and subject so that recognizing patterns or real-time organization-wide problems is simple.

The best customer data platform is one that uses Artificial Intelligence to collect and analyze real-time communications from customers in a centralized platform. This platform should be easy to use and implement so that the organization does not have to spend an inordinate amount of time setting it up when they could be focusing on serving their customers.

One example of this kind of platform is Authenticx. The Authenticx platform uses AI technology to listen to phone call recordings and pinpoint any unsolicited feedback or consistent problems so that the organization can know what they need to work on. Additionally, since this kind of platform analyzes every customer interaction, these can become samples that organization leaders can use to understand their customers.

While some customers may have individual issues they need to have solved, there may also be consistent problems that several customers are facing, and an intelligent customer data platform like Authenticx can make it easy to find and fix those problems.

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Pull customer interaction data across vendors, products, and services into a single source of truth.


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Confidently take action with insights that close the gap between your organization and your customers.

Business Intelligence Platforms

Business intelligence platforms are systems that are used by businesses to gather, store, and analyze data. This data can be from many different fields. The best business intelligence tools make it easy to combine complex data into one platform that translates the data into insights and information that can be used by the business to improve.

Most of these platforms are comprehensive across an entire business. Sometimes, however, a business intelligence platform might be specialized for one particular field. For example, some business intelligence platforms might focus only on providing customer insights.

An enterprise platform is usually a combination of different software systems that work together to form a complete business platform. While some organizations may choose to implement an enterprise platform, it may not be necessary.

Organizations that are looking for a way to collect and analyze customer data do not need a complete enterprise business solution. Instead, these organizations should look for a customer intelligence platform. With an AI-powered customer platform, organizations can focus on fixing problems that are brought to their attention by what their customers are telling them.

While business intelligence platforms may work for some organizations, for healthcare providers, pharma, and health insurance companies, a customer intelligence platform that can analyze insights from exchanges with patients and customers may be a better option. With solutions that are designed for healthcare organizations, the Authenticx platform can transform customer data analysis into a comprehensive and automatic process.

Service Intelligence Platform

The customer journey is the path from search to repeat purchase or recommendation. Customers start by searching for an answer to a problem, whether in retail, healthcare, or other fields, and then finding the solution. The customer journey includes every aspect of the customer experience including marketing, purchasing or receiving services, and interactions with customer service staff. Customer experience leaders are responsible for ensuring that their customers are happy and will return, and this result requires an excellent customer experience at every stage.

To get to this level of customer satisfaction, organizations must analyze customer service insights. Using data from every customer interaction through all channels, customer experience leaders can understand individual customers and gain a better impression of the sum total of customer experiences so that they can improve the overall customer journey.

The best way to gather customer service insights is to use a service intelligence platform. An effective service intelligence platform will make it easy for customer service leaders and technicians to fix the customer’s problem.

Authenticx is an example of a service intelligence platform that can aid healthcare organizations in improving their patient and customer experiences. With AI technology, Authenticx provides customer service insights directly from customer interactions. Instead of relying on feedback from only 30% or so of customers who respond to NPS surveys, a service intelligence platform like Authenticx can provide insights into all of the unsolicited feedback from every customer when they interact with the organization.

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